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Here's my D4 cinema hybrid rig...
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... attached to the automation bracket is the articulating arm for the AC.
very cool +Serge Batyrshin . man I got my rail system today and I'm waiting on my matte box to arrive later this week with some more gear.
10-4, +Larry Carney Jr. .  I think that I came to the point, where I'll stop tinkering with the rig, and go shoot more... Good luck with your gear!
I also wanted to add that this rig is a hybrid shoulder/tripod rig, that could be reconfigured in about 30 seconds. It also has a follow focus, and record button relocated to left grip. Ninja 2 attaches to the small articulating arm for the operator. The other, bigger articulating arm is for AC monitor. Automation bracket is for focus/zoom remote controller.
I know exactly what you mean +Serge Batyrshin . You gotta get out there and shoot ... I mean , you know ,that's where the lifeblood is at. But ,alas, we're all victims of the tinkering fever.
Yeah ,man, I'll definitely put up some pictures . I think we may have gotten the same pieces man I knew it right when I saw those blue turn knobs . There are some pretty nicely lathed pieces of aluminum on there ( mine is the Fotasy by EZ Photo)
As a director I am so glad that DOPs like you are sooo keen and put together such great equipment to make the film look gorgeous!
+Larry Carney Jr. Awesome! I'm ordering Kinotehnik viewfinder for my D4 rig.  I still might get the Ninja 2 as well.  Shooting a teaser for full feature film to pitch to some important people, so I will be using this rig to make the movie magic!
+Peta McLoughlin Absolutely.  I've been tinkering with equipment for a long long time, trying to make it as perfect a setup as possible, so that it can do what the director and DP needs it to do!  These tools have to be used to tell a story; I take my job as a DP very seriously .. while having fun on the set as well ;)
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