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Chris Jones
Armchair adventurer, undereducated polymath and sometime scholar, dad, gaming geek
Armchair adventurer, undereducated polymath and sometime scholar, dad, gaming geek


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On Being a "Good" DM
There has been a proliferation of DM advice columns across the digital universe in the past decade or so, and some of them are quite good. There has been a deeper and more thorough description offered in all of the major D&D rulebooks of how to address the ...

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Weak DMing Last Night
So, last night's game. No one complained. I guess there's that. But I came away just like that last picture, of the statue, face palm, on myself. Meaning I wasn't mad at my players, they did a pretty good job, I just came away feeling like I biffed it. Admi...

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National Campaign Creation Month
Greyhawk Grognard Have I ever told you how much I love Greyhawk Grognard? Well, yes I have. From his incredible and expansive Greyhawk knowledge, to his creation of the amazing Adventures Dark & Deep, probably the closest AD&D could have been variant ever w...

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Why Stranger Things Hits All the Right Notes
It's not just the Dungeons & Dragons. Though certainly it is a part of that, a huge part of that. The cultural reference of the game that has made such a huge impact in my life is a sure fire way to get my attention. But it took season 2 if this Netflix sma...

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Why Did You Change That Rule?
Dungeons & Dragons has always existed amidst dichotomies. One of the most frequently experienced at the table is the injunction within the rulebooks of the game that the rules are not the most important thing. Gary Gygax points this out early on in the evol...

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Chris Jones commented on a post on Blogger.
Really like this review of Greyhawk, my favorite Fantasy RPG setting. Love the quotes used to support your thesis and find myself agreeing much more than not. Has me wanting to dust off my folio and give it a reread. Thanks so much!

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Zero H.P. and Dying
Recently on one of the AD&D Facebook pages someone asked if characters dying at zero hit points was too unforgiving. I had an immediate opinion (of course I always do) and that opinion hasn't changed. I think that the mechanic of dying at zero H.P. is based...

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D&D 5e and the Legacy of the Satanic Panic
Everybody has their story from the 80's if the adults in your life were in any way influenced by the rising tide of panic that saw Satan in every shadowy and around every corner. For me it started with an informal evening youth group meeting my church calle...

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D&D 5e and the D&D We Recall
Remember this age? It was a grand time to be a gamer. The Satanic Panic and the days of D&D Yellow Journalism were over and there was more D& product than there ever had been. At least that's how many remember it. Notice the above books, 1e supplements, 2e ...

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Is 5e Too Easy?
So there was a great discussion today on the Advanced Dungeons & Dragons page on Facebook about what people liked and disliked about 5e. It was, by and large a reasoned discussion designed to be supported by logic and evidence. Admittedly it was on an AD&D ...
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