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The 32 List is Here
Try eating soylent for a week. Be able to explain the history and high-level beliefs of the Quakers. Fast for an extended period of time (1/2/3 days?) Take a course in story telling . Don't use recipes for a week. Take a nutrition course. Get on the bone ma...

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The Blessings and Curses of the Internet
I needed a break from the internet. I want to do so much in life that isn't Clash of Clans, yet Clash ends up taking my free time. This graph is from the week before my internet fast. 4+ hours playing clash. 4+ hours on Facebook. Admittedly, a lot of this w...

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Age 31 List Results
Whelp, I'm 31 now, that means last year's list is over. I completed 10 out of 19. Not quite the showing I would like, but still got some good stuff out of it. Biggest thing I learned with these items is that when I make hard-and-fast rules, I have some long...

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Mini Goal Update
Here's a picture, just because An update on a few goals that don't really deserve a whole post of their own. No sugar for a month - complete Boy howdy was this a mistake to do. This turned out to be one of those things that my mind just breaks a little bit ...

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Don't drive for a month
I have this dream that one day we can be a one-car family. In general, I don't like driving and I don't like the expense associated with it. My rough guesstimate is that my car costs me $150/month. It's fully paid off so it's just gas, insurance, maintenanc...

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Colon Hydrotherapy - Yep, it's a thing
Before I begin, I must warn the reader that this entire post pertains to poop and it being forcibly removed from my body. So, if you're not down with that, stop reading and go watch some puppies instead. Colon Hydrotherapy I don't know where I first heard a...

New version rolling out tonight. Nothing too crazy here, tried to fix a couple of bugs and made a couple of tweaks.

Has anyone else had issues with the app crashing when it's switching from the warmup to the main workout? It doesn't happen to me all the time, but definitely enough to piss me off.

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Do you use LTHR or Max HR for setting your heart rate zones? I've always done max HR, but looking online, it seems LTHR might be a better measure.

Here's a link about LTHR:
And I actually can't find anything online about using Max HR....

+Caleb Smidt You'd better answer this one.
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Max HR
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