Another great Circle from +Peter From to enrich your G+ stream with
The Revised Visual Artists Circle I

Time to reshare part I of the revised and validated Visual Artists circle. 499 superb artists with various skill ranging from photography to videography. You can't miss out on this circle if you want your feed to be filled with great artwork. I am proud to promote each and every one in the VAC.

Are YOU a visual artist? Then you could be included in the next revised reshare. How? Just do the following:

1) Reshare this circle in your feed. Start with this step to make sure that you don't miss out on the inclusion. (Why reshare? Because it's only fair to help promote your fellow artists...)

2) Ask for inclusion in the comments. I will check your feed out.

3) Make sure that you share your own original artwork in your feed. (If there are too many reshares of other peoples' work, YouTube clips, GIFS etc., I might not add you to the circle. VAC is a quality circle that should bring people great artwork to their feeds.

And remember... No reshare, no inclusion –– NO exceptions.

NOTE! If you see that I have plussed your comment, then you know that I have added you to the next revision of the VAC.

Cheers and enjoy the VAC.
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