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Drawing down our nuclear arsenal sounds like a smart strategy to me. We don't need very many nukes for them to be credible as a deterrent. We'll save money on maintaining our arsenal and it will be easier to keep track of all of them to prevent them from finding their way to the bad guys.

Champions league is back, baby!

Pretty good day for Arsenal, a win over Sunderland plus losses by Chelsea, Liverpool and Newcastle

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this is pretty cool but why would it be under the android brand? android is a mobile OS but nothing about this hub is mobile.


Today the Wall St. Journal reports that Google is working on a “home-entertainment system that streams music wirelessly throughout the home and would be marketed under the company’s own brand.” They don’t mention the name of the device, but a separate source tells us it is being called Android Hub.The Journal also says that people briefed on the company’s plans think Google’s box may stream other digital media besides music and they expect it to be unveiled later this year. It may be presented at Google IO from June 27-29.
Android @ HOME - Google I/O 2011


Thanks Raiders, I would have been better off leaving Detroit's D in my lineup this week

Indoor team(s) made it 4 wins and a tie in the last 5 days, so money

Indoor team played great tonight, we're in second place with a game to go. Playoffs here we come!

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Go Cards!

My fantasy qb is on pace for -1.5 points ...
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