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charity, human, rights, dhaka, roma, ala kachuu, rohingya
charity, human, rights, dhaka, roma, ala kachuu, rohingya

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Calling all Restless Volunteers! Our team needs helpers for our bucket collection at Piccadilly Circus tube station on Saturday 18th October. We'll be there most of the day, but even if you just have an hour to spare and would like to help out, please drop an email to If you've never done a bucket collection before, don't worry - all you need is a passion for RB's work :) Thank you!

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You seen our latest article about the conflict in Gaza?

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Today is World Refugee Day #WRD. One of out projects concentrates on the #Rohingya, a Muslim ethnic minority in Burma, one of the most persecuted communities in the world, deprived of rights and under extreme scrutiny by the Burmese government, and for that reason often called refugees in their own country. We aim to act as an independent news agency and speak about what goes unreported by most of the world - please read more and share:

Are you a musician (a capella/acoustic)? We want to give you a platform to share your talent!

We are looking for artists to perform at an exciting micro RestlessBeings collab event to take place 6-9pm on Saturday 5 July in East London. For more information please get in touch with Shakir Ahmed on sending a demo or link to your work.

Pleaese share within your networks; we'd love to hear from you!

LASTEST NEWS: We have secured a permanent spot for Restless Beings at the Global Giving crowd funding platform! This is a big deal and we're so grateful to everyone who donated and spread the word.

HOWEVER, we need to ask you all one last favour - to actually have the funds released from GG to us, £2,083 needs to be raised - so we're just £40 short!

£15 is equivalent to giving 1 child 3 meals, a blanket, school books, basic medical kit, and a new set of clothes. Would you like to help us fund a few more of these?

A HUGE THANK YOU TO YOU ALL! We have secured a place at Global Giving which is an amazing opportunity, and raised just over £2,000 for the Refuge and Rehab for #StreetKids in Dhaka, Bangladesh. The challenge is running until 5pm tomorrow so you can still donate, the cause is ongoing :)

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Have you seen Platform No 5 yet? It's our short documentary about the lives, dreams and aspirations of the #StreetKids living in the train station in Dhaka, Bangladesh. It's for them we're running the Restless Beings Rehab Centre

YOU can help by donating on our Global Giving Gateway Challenge page, help us reach the £2k target before Thursday!

Amazing work all you restless beings! Just since yesterday we raised £300 more for Refuge & Rehab for Street Children in Bangladesh and jumped to no. 10 in the Global Giving Gateway Challenge chart! We still need £263 to get a permanent spot on this amazing crowdfunding site, and with your help we can do it! 2 days to go!

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Support Refuge & Rehab For Street Children In Bangladesh: Please make a small donation or share my status if you are not able to donate at the moment.

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There are an estimated 333,920 children living on the streets of Dhaka, Bangladesh. Many are being exploited and have been exposed to child right violations, sexual trafficking, organised crime, drug and substance abuse, homelessness and malnutrition. By supporting Restless Beings Refuge & Rehab For Street Children In Bangladesh, YOU CAN HELP provide safe accommodation, medical care, nutritional meals and clothes, and educational opportunities to these children. Make a small donation today:

Thanks a million!
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