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Aaron C. Thomas
Reads books. Loves movies. Drinks beer. Eats cheese.
Reads books. Loves movies. Drinks beer. Eats cheese.

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Visions from 1964: Part One
I have seen rather a lot of films from 1964. The big Academy-Award-winning movies that year were My Fair Lady, Mary Poppins, Zorba the Greek, Becket, and the camp classic Hush... Hush, Sweet Charlotte. But long ago when I started watching Oscar-nominated mo...

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Closet Monster
This is a coming-of-age drama about a kid dealing with the closet and with an emotionally abusive father. Closet Monster has some interesting images, but mostly is just about teenage angst. I said this when I watched The Edge of Seventeen a couple months ag...

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Staying Vertical
Rester Vertical is on Netflix now and made rather a splash at Cannes where most people decided it was the strangest film of the festival. The movie is indeed weird and unexpected, while also completely taking place in the real world... it's just that the st...

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The Man Who Would Be King
This came very highly recommended. Someone – I forget who – told me years ago that this was his favorite film. But I don't know. Watching two drunks (Caine and Connery) make fun of the military and the government of the British Raj was funny, but watching t...

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The Lost City of Zed
The Lost City of Z was an astoundingly ambitious film. I am not sure it actually works, but I was really taken aback by it, and I respected it very much. I don't think I've seen a movie like this since, like, the 1950s. Nobody really makes big epic melodram...

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Florida Film Festival 4 of 5: Sami Blood
The thing about Sami Blood is that it wants to be a story you've never heard before. But it settles only for generic tropes. So instead it is the story you've already heard twenty times in your life... but this time we're in Sweden! Young girl leaves her in...

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Snowtown a/k/a The Snowtown Murders
This is a grisly Australian serial-killer film. This might actually have been too fucked up even for me. Also, I was troubled by the film's gaze, which was... intrigued by its main character, a bit like Tony Kaye's point of view in American History X , a fi...

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Florida Film Festival 3 of 5: The Strange Ones
Finally I saw a movie at the FFF that I loved. Pettyfer & Freedson-Jackson Christopher Radcliff and Lauren Wolkstein's The Strange Ones is not a strange film, really, but the people in it certainly have done (and are doing) something strange. The Strange On...

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The Ardennes
Robin Pront's The Ardennes is not worth watching. This was advertised as somehow related thematically or cinematically to Bullhead . But Bullhead this ain't. This is just a generic Euro crime thriller with nothing else to say for itself. No thanks.

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Florida Film Festival 2 of 5: A Stray
There isn't much to say about Musa Syeed's A Stray , I'm afraid. It's only ok, the acting is not that great, and the film doesn't really have much to say. It settles for the modest goal of giving people a portrait of a world they might not know much about a...
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