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News from the project! (Yes, you read well!)
It's been quite some time and quite some changes in real life. But I do apologize for the lack of news mostly due from me being very, very busy. ;) What happened since last time? A lot of technical fixes happened, when I was active or helped by authenticate...

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Let's Play Valyria Tear - By Eugene Loza
Hey there, :D Just a few words to thanks loudly Eugene Loza for creating a let's play of Valyria Tear! The let's play now spans till the beginning of the Mt Elbrus and is still being worked on. :) So, what happened on Valyria Tear since the last time? Valyr...

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OSX 1.0 version available!
Hey there, :)

Socapex just made me a great surprise by creating the OSX package for the full Episode I version.

Just go grab it on the Downloads section! ;)

Stay tuned!

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Code Monkey!
Hey there, :D Just some news from the Episode 1.1 technical refinement release. First of all, I've finished migrating and fixing the current game scripts following the new scripting API . Thanks a lot to authenticate and SuiteCake for providing code cleanup...

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Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!
Hey there, :D It's been quite some time, right? Reidy (from Evolonline ) even told me this blog needed some news so here we go :D Then, you'll ask me, what happened since September? Well, first of all, a lot of things on Valyria Tear of course: OpenGL 2.0 a...

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Episode I Release!!
Heya, :D Well, where to begin... I must say I have wished for this instant to happen since years now, and I'm very proud to say that the full Episode I of Valyria Tear is now released . There has been quite some blood poured in it, and not only mine, far fr...

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Episode I Release Candidate I Release
Hi there, After almost one year of development, I'm proud to say the full Episode I Release Candidate I is now done. :D Go grab it in the downloads ! This release is only a first candidate though. Would the testing and the translations go fine, the actual r...

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Final Dungeon unlocked!
Hi there :) A long time has flown away since the last piece of news but this time I didn't come here to tell about another delay. You've read it right, the Episode I final dungeon is now unlocked on github . I must say this has been quite a struggle to reac...

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Four maps left...
Hi there, :) The title tells almost everything. At the time of writing, I'm currently four maps away from the episode I's end. Phew... almost there! Still there is a lot to do left, mostly in term of scripting... ;) I won't spoil more and I can wait to unlo...

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2nd floor
Hi everyone, :) Here is what happened last month in Valyria Tear : Story: - The main effort is currently being made on adding the final part of this Episode I. The dungeon 1st floor is completely scripted, polished, ..., and 2nd floor is done by a quarter. ...
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