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Ahmed Karam
all views expressed here are real unless told otherwise...
all views expressed here are real unless told otherwise...

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now you can check your token number from your mobile without waiting at the place of service.

guys what is the best custom ROM for a Nexus 4? looking for more battery life and customization.

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suck it hipsters...
[Jimmy Kimmel hilariously pranks Coachella. Does no favors to hipsters.]

"These bands are so obscure that they do not exist."

+Jimmy Kimmel Live has pulled a lot of great stunts. But this... this is undoubtedly the best. Interviewer asks Coachella patrons about made-up bands. Coachella-goers pretend to totally be in-the-know and gush about how much they love that group. Terrible hipster stereotypes promptly reinforced with super glue. 

Absolute perfection.

#humor   #lol  

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So... since I haven't mentioned what I've been up to lately.. I've actually been working quite a bit on online learning for programming languages. Brushing up on things, learning new things, etc. Here's a few of the resources I've been using, just in case you're interested in learning as well!

An Introduction to Interactive Programming in Python

Ruby Bits (only level 1 challenges/videos are free)

Rails for Zombies Redux

Other tutorials available, but cost $25/month to access.

Do you guys have any resources you recommend?

Here are some more resources suggested in the comments!

Various interactive programming related tutorials & more

Basic-advanced Linux tutorials 

Ruby on Rails

Python (NOT free, $20 per class)

General Computer Science

C development

And others!

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Photo sphere of Hulhumale open area.

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"Nuroa dhariyakah kireh nulibeyné" said Fathumaidhy to her mute baby.

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i uninstalled ingress from my phone. code libunas dhen nukulheynan :@

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