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Minot Restaurants: Reviews and Marketing
Minot ND Restaurants and Nightlife
Minot ND Restaurants and Nightlife


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Succulent Aged steak and a Full Bar
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Oh lord I love the Olive Garden .. espec. the salad!  Anyhow, on a recent trip I made to FARGO ND  I found an O.Garden restaurant - and it was a divine experience, as I tried the new item - Crab-Topped Chicken !

My waitress delivered the salad in a timely fashion, and it had a good crunch to it (very fresh - which a salad has t/b).  She offered me a wine sample - a dessert wine, & it was so good I ordered a glass to go w/my meal.

What I liked at this location - the interior (when u walked in) had a SPACIOUS feel to it, and it was whisper quiet in there.

And I also liked that my waitress didnt hover over me.  She was professional, you could tell.

At any rate, my meal was so filling I didnt order dessert.  The crab was moist & tasty (as was the chix).

Olive Garden
4339 13th Ave SW, Fargo, ND 58103
(701) 277-1241

  - Jan Ashby 
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The servers are quite attentive at Badlands .. at least, this was my experience.  I was headed back from eastern No. Dakota (Fargo)and  I stopped in for a steak.  I love steak, and my waitress made sure that it was to my liking.

 I found the portion sizes to be pretty filling - of course, i am a female (& not a "hungry oil worker"). Anyway, if you get a chance to stop into the Minot location, I'd recommend trying either the steak or the  wood plank salmon.

Bon apetit !  Btw, it's located at:

1400 31st Ave SW
Minot, ND 58701

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Hibachi Grill and Buffet
Minot  ND

Chinese, Japanese, Italian and Hibachi food. Plus american food, and tons of seafood - crab legs (which I favor) , salmon, mussels, cocktail shrimp.

And it's OPEN 7 days a week.  All You Can Eat Buffet.

(701) 839-5888
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Minot ND Restaurants:  Here is a video showing some of the FARE you can expect at a German-based place called Krolls Diner - which of course is in Minot ND.

You see a few pictures, and a sampling of some breakfast dishes (ommelette) & their famous burger with german fries.

And a little of the history..

4 min. video
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This is Olive Garden fare - yet this 20 minute long video features a healthy eater who uses turkey sausage in his recipe, rather than the sausage.  He says you can hardly tell the difference!

So this is O.G. Zuppa toscana - done the "healthy way".
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Here's a wonderful pasta recipe (based on Olive Garden's orig. recipe) -

It's a "Pasta Lovers" delight (modeled after O. Garden), it is Alfredo pasta & it received a ton of 5 Star ratings at TopSecretRecipe's blog.

You can check that out here:
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If you are jazzed about The Olive Garden, you may enjoy my Facebook page - all about The Olive Garden (videos, recipes etc.)

There is a really good video instructional on How to make Black Tie Mousse cake - it does turn out well, I can vouch 4 that.
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The Ground Round - a restaurant in Minot ND near the State fairgrounds.  I have eaten there, and did enjoy the food - especially the fajitas. The ambience is decent, yet not the greatest.

It can get a bit noisy - so you may opt to go during a less hectic period. Here are the details:

Hours: 4pm - 10pm in the dining room, 4pm - 1am in the Lounge Monday - Thursday and 11am -  11pm in the dining room and 11am - 1am in the lounge Friday - Sunday.

It is an American sports bar & restaurant. Does have a pretty good variety of food - for example steaks, BBQ chicken, Lemon chicken, buffalo chix wings, ribs, cod, nachos, potato skins, or quesadillas.

Full Menu:

Address: 2110 E Burdick Expy, Minot, ND 58701

(701) 838-3500
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Sakura is a Japanese restaurant in Minot ND - if you like sushi, you'll appreciate the variety of offerings. Sakura features a full menu of Japanese cuisine. Fresh ingredients.

Open 7 days a week. Welcomes private lunch parties.

Friday & Saturday:  11 am to 11 pm
Sunday  - Thursday: 11 am to 10 pm
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