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Michael Himes
Taking the world on, one ambition at a time.
Taking the world on, one ambition at a time.
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One really interesting thing most people don't think about with games is the maths. Fudge dice is my favorite example. It's so simple yet oddly elegant and powerful.

I plan to run +Brent Newhall's game Blood Rites sometime in the next couple weeks, depending on when people have time. I'll probably ask in a Table Top group, but I wanted to give anyone watching my stuff priority. Anyone interested?

Because writing the setting, back story, pretty much everything about a realm that has been a major device in the campaign two nights before it's actually used as a place is a good idea right?... Right?

Waking up at 2am with inspiration for your DnD world? Roll with it!

Anyone want to play various table top games?

I want to watch Densha Otoko again for some reason. No show has made me cry like this one or feel how this one did.I was happy a lot, sad a lot. Just over all great.

It doesn't help I'm listening to the OST and it bringing back memories of the show making me want to watch it more.

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Just proving how I am cooler.
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