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Emad Al-Shihabi
Software engineer, technologist, musician, gamer and food lover!
Software engineer, technologist, musician, gamer and food lover!

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Call for Speakers and Apply to Attend

We're Organizing Palestine Web Summit ( with 10 Lightning Talks (5m-long) and 15 Tech Talks (20m-long) with Awesome Speakers from Yamsafer, Bareedee, Fraightos and more! We need more speakers! If you are an awesome web developer head to the website and apply to be a speaker!

If you'd like to attend the summit! You can also Apply to attend! You'll learn tons from this fast-paced short talks formats!

If you know any awesome web devs, point them to the website and ask them to apply to speak!

Join in and invite others!



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مقال رائع لكل المطورين العرب من أحمد العجمي! كيف تصبح مطور عظيم وسرد لقصة تطوير أحمد لذاته في مجال تطوير الويب وبناء منصة اكتب للتدوين!

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Submit your I/O requests using #io14request
#io14   #io14request  

Developers and product fans who are unable to attend Google I/O in-person are invited to participate in the third annual #io14request program. During the conference days, you can request images, information, and answers to your burning I/O questions, and a team of onsite Googlers will do their best to hunt down a response. Popular posts from prior years include photos of booth displays ( and moonwalking in front of the Chrome booth (

How does it work?
-- To put in a request during I/O (June 25-26), all you need to do is create a public Google+ post from your profile using the hashtag #io14request.  
-- Our Google I/O crew will do their best to find you an answer, mentioning you in the post so you don’t miss it. 
-- If you’re curious to see what others are requesting, follow the +Google+ Help page where the team will be posting all responses. 

The team 
This year we have 14 (that’s right!) community managers representing different products:
-- Chromecast: +Jacky Hayward 
-- Chrome browser: +Sarah Claxton Deming +Sarah Morales 
-- Chrome OS: +Andrea Mesterhazy  
-- Nexus: +Paul Wilcox +Claire Podgorski 
-- Glass: +Becca Samson 
-- Maps: +Abby DeBellis +Daniel Mabasa 
-- Search: +Nealeigh Mitchell
-- Google+: +Justine Rivero +Cindy Chen
-- Drive: +Julianne Niemaszyk 
-- Docs: +Abby Faust 

Please note that we will only be replying to requests about and related to this year's I/O posted between June 25 and 26, 2014 - so don’t start posting quite yet!

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I have been always inspired by +Rowan Atkinson 
When you're stepping through a long loop while debugging..
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#Ramallah  needs this workshop to step into new levels!
For those in #Ramallah and would love to bring an awesome tech startup workshop to the city please vote here!

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