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Can someone help me finding a game from a previous year? It was a game about using business cards to create a dungeon, but I don't remember how it was called. :(

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Hola, people! :)
Allow me to present a collection of role-playing games from the Italian Chamber Orchestra.

We just launched the crowdfunding for Crescendo Giocoso, a carefully selected set of twelve live action role-playing games, written by Italian game designers and meant for everyone out there.

If we reach the stretch goals, this means 12 games, plus 6 bonus games (including one by +Jason Morningstar!). Feel free to go to the Kickstarter page and take a look!

So, hoping that you will like Crescendo Giocoso, I suggest you to download the free two-player game Letters not about love right now from the Kickstarter page, to taste the quality of the games.

Here's the crowdfunding page link:
Crescendo Giocoso
Crescendo Giocoso

So, I'm a long-time reader and player of this challenge, but this year I am finally able to participate. :)
Just want to say that I'm super-excited and can't wait to design the game, and read other designer's works! :D

Hola Indie+ community!

I'm currently in the process of beginning my MSc thesis in Game Design & Theory, and I'm here to hear the knowledge of the hive-mind regarding some topics.
The topic of the thesis is "how 2-players role-playing games can lower our defenses against normatively uncomfortable experiences". Yes, I know, the phrasing of the topic need a bit of polishing, but that will come. Anyway.
I'm trying to gather academic papers, books, games, articles or anything else that can be interesting regarding these key-points:

- Uncomfortable experience, heavy topics, transgressive experiences in games. Bonus points if related to non-digital games. Extra bonus point if related to role-playing.

- 2-players only role-playing games. With this I mean games that are designed to be played with only 2 players, not those that can have a range of "2 to X", specifically. Bonus points if the games are about the previous key-point.

- 2-people rituals that encourage intimacy and/or are about bringing something heavy of yours. Think about situations like a doctor-patient relationship. Or lovers. Or rituals like the roman catholic confession. Bonus points if the situation have some sort of structure (e.g. the confessional)

- Bonus key-points, specifically for game designers: have you designed a 2-player role-playing game? Then I'd like to talk with you about the design process, playtesting, and so on.

Thanks in advance to the hive-mind, I also hope this post can generate intriguing discussions in the comments. :)

Hola! In the past months I discovered a lot of games that use fire for some mechanics (*Ten Candles, *A Scoundrel in the Deep, Ninety Minutes, ...). I really love when a game use something that's very metaphorical and, at the same time, very functional.

I'm actually working on a game that involve a journey through the sea and I'd really like to use water or liquids in some way. Do you know some rpg that use water in the mechanics? I already experimented writings on paper put underwater, but it took 24+ hours to blot.

Any help or thought is really apprecciated, thanks. :)

Hola, people!
Following what many have done, I'm here for a "call to arms". For some reasons, I'm writing a paper for the course of Foundations of Play & Games I'm following at IT University of Copenhagen. The paper will be about the correlation between games and Love, specifically "how games make players fall in love". My first thought was about +Emily Care Boss and her games, but well, I want to listen everyone that have something to say about the topic. :)

Personal experiences are ok, but I'm also looking for:
-academic papers on the topic (there are any?).
-games that through their mechanics and dynamics can be a good examples.

Waiting for your thoughts. :)

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So, the deadline is near. If someone wants to give a read (and give us a feedback) to the game i worked on with +Francesco Zani, here's the link:

So, today is the last day, right? Is there any official "deadline hour"?

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Me and +Francesco Zani don't fear the Golden Cobra! :D
Playest is near!
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