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Ondria Witt
Mommy's Block Party: Mommy, Wife, Worship Leader, Mom Blogger and Social Networking Maven
Mommy's Block Party: Mommy, Wife, Worship Leader, Mom Blogger and Social Networking Maven

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Helping Your Teen Spread Their Wings
You might know this as much as anyone if you're a parent, but being a teenager is hard. You struggle to realize what is right from wrong in the pursuit of natural rebellion; you trust your instincts which can be off, your body changes, your life goes in cra...

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Tips to Help You Raise Your Kids with a Love of Learning
  If we’re honest, we all want our kids to grow into intelligent, fully-formed adults who are capable of getting good jobs and making a good life for themselves. Of course, we won’t love them any less if they don’t turn out to be academically inclined, but ...

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Food Fun: The Ultimate Breakfasts For Growing Kids
It’s vital that all parents ensure their children eat a proper meal in the morning before sending them off to school. Research shows that kids who don’t eat a decent breakfast will encounter many issues. For example, a lack of food can inhibit their concent...

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Don’t Let Health Issues Ruin Your Parent’s Best Years
It’s a funny cycle, the relationship between parents and children . It begins as caregivers, then there’s period in between when everyone is independent, and then as the parent's age, the children become the caregivers. There’s a nice symmetry to it, at lea...

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A Healthy Home For The Health Of Your Kids
Having a healthy, safe environment for our children to grow up in is something that is essential to their development and wellbeing. But how can we know that your home is those things? Well, by making sure that we are always choosing the healthiest options ...

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The Worst Behaviors Of Your Teen - & What To Do
Anyone who has teens will know that they can be surprisingly difficult to deal with. Often, the joy of having younger children is suddenly overtaken by a different kind of child altogether. It can cause many problems in the family, and there can be plenty o...

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4 Common Medicare Mistakes to Avoid
Medicare is one of those financial safety nets that exist quietly in the background of our lives, and are there when we need to recover from injuries and illnesses. This program will cover large chunks of your healthcare costs when you need it, but if you f...

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4 Gift Ideas For New Moms
Having lived through the early days of new motherhood, when our friends give birth for the first time, we tend to view them with a mixture of envy and sympathy. Envy, on one hand, because they are experiencing those initial phases of bonding with their new ...

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Keeping Your Baby Safe In the Sun
When that hot summer’s day comes, you’ll probably want to spend it outdoors with your baby. However, direct sunlight and heat can have its risks – your baby’s skin and sensitivity to heat are still developing and so caution needs to be taken to ensure your ...

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Health Tips You Can Apply To An Everyday Routine
The adverts for healthy living never seem to apply to the everyday person. These promotional images seem to assume that we all have time to spend ten hours a day in a gym or the money to afford ridiculously expensive organic foods for every single meal. The...
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