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Global moxie to the fore.
Global moxie to the fore.

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Firenze: Sarah Dunant at the British Institute
Last week I went to hear speak an author whom I adore. The inimitable Sarah Dunant . Venue: British Institute: Time: Dopolavoro. Transporte: Bici. Compagnia: Nessuno. Just me. As with the cena delle mamme, I almost bailed a few times, and Jason urged me a f...

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Firenze: Essere Socievole
I was determined to go. I would go. I had RSVPed yes. This had been planned for weeks. I was definitely going to go. And yet, by the time Friday afternoon rolled around, as it so often does, I found myself reviewing various plausible reasons for not attendi...

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Toscana: Panzano in Chianti
Jason had mentioned a few times that we might join an extracurricular excursion with his students and his colleague, Daniela, the inimitable Finnish-Indian-seems pretty much American. I wasn't really clear on the program. Then details emerged that we would ...

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Firenze: Rooftops and Sky/Tetti e Cielo
On Thursday, Jason and I went to favorite hideaway on via dei Benci,  Kome , for our customary Japanese lunch: nastro (sushi conveyor) and ramen sets. It was such a perfect day that we pedaled home, I on the back of his bike to pick up mine where it was cha...

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Firenze: Santa Maria Novella
Picture this. An overcast Saturday morning. Kids are screaming and fighting over toys. And running around. And biking around. And kicking regulation soccer balls. In the apartment. We knew we had to get the whole crew out or someone might not live to see th...

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Pistoia: Grotta Giusta
Jason's colleague, Antonella, supports the many cultural sidetrips that his students enjoy during their time at GIF (Gonzaga in Florence). Antonella is from the area, and is a well-humored and very fit woman older and wiser than I, but not old enough to be ...

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Italy: Language and culture thresholds
Words and phrases I am now able to more or less effortlessly drop into sentences and conversations: Accidente! Ma dai! Figurati! Ma scherz'! Che scherz' Ma come mai! Magari! Words I still struggle to correctly integrate and employ: Comunque Quindi Cioe I've...

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Firenze: BRT/Be Right There [Express]!
Come with me to the corner of my mind where schemas are stored and activated. Thus the path of the lifelong language learner, an early reader, a dogged on-the-job trainer. My mind just creatively fills in blanks like there's no tomorrow. I don't even realiz...

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Firenze: When I Met You/Quando ti ho conosciuto
Reader, step with me back in time 21 years, to this week in Firenze, 1996. Wait. Let us first visit Venice. I'd just come off a weekend in Venezia for Carnevale, with friends I'd made in the preceding months in Strasbourg. I do not recall if I had made plan...

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Firenze: Hdden Nooks/Angoli nascosti
Florence. Remember when, a few months ago, I called her a cruel mistress? I was reading a piece recently about the personality traits of Italian women, as typecast from certain Italian cities. The Florentine woman was said to be intellectual, direct, and in...
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