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Oh, this post on +Blogging Betties still has me laughing. The inner life of your new business partner. Do you know what it's like? Well, you probably don't until you start working together. These three bloggers, +Vanita Cyril , +Poppy Marler , +Tammy Soong did just that and made a post about it. #blogging #humor

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Keep up the great work,+Blogging Betties!

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I'm so proud and honored to day that my good friend, +GG Renee Hill, has a new book out today on Create Space (soon to be released on Amazon as well). It's called "Wallflower" and it's a book of essays and anecdotes for women wishing "to find confidence in being different."

I love her and her writings and am sharing about her book here, because I think you will too!

Get it here:
Just start writing. Bit by bit. It will mean something. It always means something. #writing, #inspiration, #writers

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I started in January to give things away. Let things go. I let go of bad relationships, bad clothes and good clothes that I no longer needed.

I let go of 7 inches of my hair and habits that were proving toxic to my life.

 I let go of, and am continuing to let go of, all the things that don't support the kind of woman I am, the kind of woman I am becoming.

This task has been heart drenching in some moments, but incredibly rewarding in all others. My house, my closet, my life are almost bare enough for me to only see the things that matter to me, my children, my husband, my family, my real friends, the clothes that make me beautiful, my smile.

This post is about all that, kind of. It's about letting go and discovering beauty in what is and in the absence of what never really was in the first place.
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It's kind of hard to believe but I was pregnant like six months ago. Around that time, or when I was pregnant, I wrote this post.

It's about nesting, but not really.

It's about feeling out of control and doing nonsensical things to feel in control.

That's what nesting was like this time around for me. It was me feeling anxious about my pregnancy and life and feeling powerless about it. And in that sense of powerlessness, I attempted to assert control over that which I could be powerful over, the baby book, a power drill, my postpartum hairstyle.

In case you're wondering, I'm okay now. But at one time, not very long ago, this was my life. Really.
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Ha! Totally get it. ;)
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I made paint for my toddlers using two-ingredients. Two edible ingredients. This after an epic Pinterest fail. I'm sharing that story and my amazingly EASY recipe in today's post. Enjoy! #diy #crafts, #toddlers
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Thanks , +Kalley C! It was so easy to make!!

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I love this quote, +Elle Sommer ! Today is the day!
Today is the day. #inspiration, #quotes
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Two years ago, I started a blog called "The Short Little Bits." On the blog, I wrote five minute posts that were unedited and, usually, published at odd hours of the night.

When I started there, I had ambivalent feelings about calling myself a #writer I didn't think I deserved that title. I was afraid of that title. I wasn't good enough for that title. I couldn't live up to that title.

So, in my writing practice there everyday, I was doing two things: 1) practicing not being so unkind to myself as a writer, 2) asserting myself as a woman, who, until then, or until that blog, was too afraid to call herself a writer.

I no longer write there, but the lessons I learned from that experiment, that blog, were invaluable. In this post, I'm sharing five lessons I learned from the activity of writing everyday on that blog.

Writers out there, do you write daily? If so, do you think it has made you a better writer?
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Interesting to think "just write"  +Jessica Faye Hinton 
So I've decided to go "green" in April with the +Simple Green Smoothies 30-day green smoothie challenge. I'm sharing a green smoothie I made this morning, why I suck at "doing" sugar in moderation, and my hopes for April in today's post.

If you can relate or are joining the challenge, tell me! I would love to hear from you!
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How do you bounce back from rejection? What motivates you to keep going and not give up? This article offers some useful (and surprising) tips.

Good for #writers and anyone else with a heart, ego, and desire to live bravely.
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