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T. Lee Baumann
Quantum spirituality writer / author
Quantum spirituality writer / author

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Lee’s 5th audiobook, Matter to Mind to Consciousness: Anatomy of the E.L.F., is now available on

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New Theoretical Physics Article Release: Resolution of the two discrepant “speeds” of the photon and the wave-particle duality enigma

A discrepancy between the two accepted “speeds” of the photon has existed since Einstein’s publication of his special theory of relativity in 1905. Within the realm of quantum mechanics, time does not exist for any electromagnetic wave in a vacuum, making its speed infinite:

[Δt’ = Δt (1 - v2/c2)-1/2] (1) (Lorentz).

In stark contrast, experimental measurements of the photon within our four-dimensional space-time reality reveals a finite velocity of 300,000 meters/second. No rational, accepted explanation for this blatant inconsistency yet exists.
Upon analysis, however, one difference is that the dimension of time does not exist in the first instance (Δt’ = 0 when v = c). In the second (experimental measurement), time is present. As human observers of the visible light spectrum, we experience the photon, not as a wave, but indirectly, only as a particle within our space-time central nervous system. The electromagnetic wave’s interaction with matter (e.g., the eye or other measuring device) is likely the catalyst as we experience the wave’s transformation through a particulate cascade of events ending as a sensory electro-chemical impulse within the brain or as a physical measurement by a detector.
The act of observation or measurement, with all its quantum mysteries, equates to nothing more than the entrapment of the electromagnetic wave within the dimension of time. The enigmatic collapse of the wave-function by observation/measurement or complex decoherence is no longer required.
In the quantum realm, time is not the requirement that it is within our macro, experiential reality. The wave-particle enigma disappears upon realization that time is the catalyst for the wave-function collapse. A number of experiments exemplify how the absence of time allows waves to exist at two places at the same time: e.g., the double slit and quantum eraser experiments, creating interference. The introduction of any act of measurement within the experimental setup also introduces the element of time, resulting in the light wave’s transformation to a particle and loss of interference. The light wave’s interaction with matter (e.g., the eye or measuring device) is what allows researchers to observe the the consequence of its entrapment within time, as a particle. In the case of the photon, we experience the resultant particle either as an electro-chemical alteration within the brain or as a physical measurement by a detector.
Researchers have documented similar examples of wave-particle schizophrenia by various macromolecules as first theorized by de Broglie. In all these cases, these particulate molecules are capable of reverse-transforming to exhibit transient wave characteristics and interference. The resultant waves, like the light wave, transcend time and may reside in two or more places at once, without restriction to any finite velocities until a measurement (and entrapment by time) is again effected.
Similar to the beauty and simplicity of Einstein's E = mc2, the dimension of time offers an Occam's razor explanation for the enigma of wave-particle duality. Under this proposed model, the dimension of time also replaces the need for the Higgs field, explaining the generation of mass (from waves) to all fundamental particles.

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New Children's Book on Who "God Is..." Just Released

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New nondenominational children's book: God Is...
How do you explain the concept of God to a young child? The demarcations between religions is no longer clear cut. Similarities (such as belief in the afterlife, the significance of the soul, the existence of a Supreme Being, and the relationship of God to Light) outnumber the few differences. The nondenominational nature of this text allows the reader to "fill in any gaps" to accommodate her own religious or spiritual belief system. Yet, the pervading spiritual themes of God's omnipresence, omniscience, and, most importantly, LOVE dominate. The purpose of this text is to allow even the youngest child appreciation of the basic concepts of who or what God Is...

Lee Baumann is a quantum spirituality author, whose God at the Speed of Light was considered one of the inspirations for the CBS TV series, Joan of Arcadia.


Let us pray,
Dear Lord
You are “clothed with light” in the Old Testament. Christ is the “Light of the world” in the New Testament. You are the “light of the heavens and the earth” in the Islamic Koran. You are the “light of lights” in Hinduism. Your “Clear Light of Pure Reality” pervades nirvāna in Buddhism. The Chinese Tao Te Ching notes that he “Who uses well his light, Revert[s back] to Your (Source so) bright.” The Sikhs believe that “one’s light [will] merge into Your Supreme Light.” The Jewish Kabbalah describes Your “bright light of Wisdom” and Your infinite “light of Ein Sof.” Your angel Moroni appeared to Joseph Smith as a sudden “light, like that of day.” Primal African legends compare You as shining bright as the Sun. Edgar Cayce followed Your Light to the omniscient realm of the “Hall of Records.” Many ancient civilizations, including but not limited to the Egyptians, Mayans, Aztecs, Incas, and even some Native American tribes worshiped Your brilliance in the Sun. In the near-death experience, You appear as a light at the end of a tunnel.
And so, to You most loving God, thank You for Your many blessings, and we ask that You bless with Your loving Light this meal. Thank You. Amen.
(adapted from The Akashic Light, p. 131, by T. Lee Baumann)

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The NEW, REVISED 2017 Edition of The Drug-Free Restless Legs Syndrome Handbook is now out...

This author has suffered with a severe form of RLS for most of my adult life. The non-drug strategies employed and recommended in this handbook have been unearthed and refined out of my desperation for a reasonable night's sleep ― all stemming from my varied experiences, my medical background, and the input from countless other RLS sufferers.
The approaches detailed in this text range from the taxing inconvenience of an isometric exercise in the middle of the night to the ridiculously simple placement of a common household item onto the instep of your foot. Each strategy described has its own merits (including one with a 90% success rate in a proven medical study) and, conversely, weaknesses. Similarly, each individual is different. Hence, each reader will need to experiment with the various tactics to find which work best for you.

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The Northern Lights (over Tromso, Norway)…always a spiritual experience:
   He is “clothed with light” in Psalms. Christ is the “light of the world” in the New Testament and the Book of Mormon. God is the “light of the heavens and the earth” in the Koran. The Blessed One is the “light in the moon and sun,” and nirvāna is filled with the “light of knowledge” in the Hindu Bhagavad Gitā. Brahma is the “the light of lights” (The Upanishads). The “Clear Light of Pure Reality” pervades nirvāna in the Buddhist, Tibetan Book of the Dead. In the Buddhist “Absence of the Five Hindrances,” a successful meditation finds oneself “loving the light.” The Tao Te Ching notes that he “Who uses well his light, Revert[s back] to its (source so) bright.” Even some primal indigenous legends compare their gods as shining bright as the Sun. The Sikhs believe that “one’s light merges into the Supreme Light.” The Kabbalist describes the “bright light of Wisdom” and the “light of Ein Sof.” The (Spiritist) readings of Edgar Cayce specify how he followed a beam of Light to the omniscient realm of the “Hall of Records,” allowing him to accurately offer medical diagnoses and treatments for thousands of patients. Lastly, many ancient civilizations, including but not limited to the Egyptians, Mayans, Aztecs, and Incas, all worshiped the brilliance of the Sun.
   from The Akashic Light

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Listen to Lee Baumann’s October 2015 interview on “God-Talk” ( or download (free) at (the “down” arrow under each guest is the download link).

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REVIEWERS only: Contact the author at for instructions for a free download of this audiobook from Please include your credentials and/or position as a reviewer.

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Men's Health article featuring Lee's book on "poo" now on the Internet.
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