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The number of people that I know on google+ hasn't changed in weeks.
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Say what you will, but I use Google Plus a lot more than Facebook. I spend at least 1.5 hours a day in hangouts for work, and I hangout with my friends on here at least 1 evening a week. Hangouts are basically the best feature, and make this social network actually social. Still, broader adoption would be nice.
Also, I have 67 people in my circles, and only 92 friends on Facebook. They dont overlap fully, but I've mostly got access to the people I want on G+. It helps that I dont try to friend everyone I ever talk with once, ever.
I say that and then I immediately went and added 7 more people to my circles. Circles alone make G+ better than FB. What I want know is the ability to post to G+ from Twitter. More integration please!
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