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The Unexpected Predator

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On 4-18-17, my ex-husband Dr. Ralf Ihmels PhD, FROM REDONDO BEACH, CA./BREMEN GERMANY, REFUSED TO TAKE A POLYGRAPH TEST REGARDING WHETHER OR NOT HE MOLESTED OUR DAUGHTER, IN EXCHANGE FOR THE DIVORCE SETTLEMENT HE STILL OWES ME. Please note that my inquiry only involved OUR daughter, and did not pertain to any victim other than OUR daughter. I even offered to pay for the polygraph test. All Ralf had to do is show up for the appointment.
Ralf's refusal to exchange an answer for our settlement resulted in him being ordered to pay me the $15,000+, that he should have paid me three years ago. In addition, Ralf paid at least that amount, if not more, in attorney's fees for our last hearing. Ralf's refusal to exchange this $30,000+ for an answer to a polygraph test, along with the following videos made from a 2013-14 private investigation, prove Ralf is a sexual predator who is living a inappropriate life-style with our daughter (now 16).
Ralf had no right to develop this foul relationship with our hapless child and is committing a serious felony. The authorities have done nothing to recover our brainwashed daughter from Ralf's custody or hold him accountable for his immoral behavior.

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Dr. Ralf Ihmels's PEDOPHILE FETISH is Ralf's secret! This is not my secret or our daughter's secret. Regardless of his ability to fleece the authorities, Ralf and the swinger neighbors who hide his predatory behavior WILL be held accountable. Please visit my Face Book page "Mad Ashell Human Rights Defense" at:

for the full details of what a 2013-14 private investigation revealed about Dr. Ralf Ihmels's sexual misconduct toward his wife Deanna Ihmels (then) and daughter.

From "The Unexpected Predator INVESTIGATIVE Video Series":
1. Is This a 7th Grader, a Sailor on Shore Leave, or a Molestation Victim?
2. Who, What, When, Why and How to Read this Data
3. Why Does Our Daughter Idealize Pedophilia?
4. Dr. Ickmels Not Only Pays For His Daughter's
On-Line Presence, He Pays For it
5. Dr. Ickmels is Overly-Interested in Little Girls
6. The Smoking Gun
7. 50 Shades of Rape
8. Choking on the Ashes of a Runaway
9. Parenting the Suicide Note
10. Yes, They Worship the Devil
11. Spy Vs. Spy
12. Racist, Sexist, Mother F'er
13. Clueless Mom the Scapegoat
14. Not-So-Clueless mom the Drug Addict
15. Goin' For the Purse
16. The German Slush Fund
17. How to Brainwash Your Molestation Victim Not to Tell
18. How to Disconnect Your Wife's Parental Rights BEFORE She Finds Out Your're a Child Molester - NEW

From "How Dr. Ihmels Fleeced the Authorities Series":
1. 50 Instances of Dr. Ihmels Recording and Spying on Mrs. Ihmels
2. Behind Closed Doors - NEW

Currently in production:
1. How to Brainwash Your Molestation Victim to Hate Her Mother
2. The Psychopath's Bag of Tricks

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Get evidence, find support and go. It's not easy. You have to be tough and unapologetic.

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Bill Zeller, Princeton Grad Student And Brilliant Programmer - Published a suicide note and asked it be shared after his death. To read it click below or find it on Google.

In his letter Mr. Zeller stated he felt there was no point in warning others about the person who molested him, for reasons that made no sense.

Had I been warned my ex-husband is a sexual predator, before I finally figured it out on my own, I may not have believed it initially, but I sure would've added-up his bizarre behavior a lot sooner. I'M CERTAIN I could've saved our daughter, if I was made aware of my ex's covert, pedophile fetish sooner. Until the very end, such a scenario was unimaginable to me. Through my naive eyes, it seemed like she witnessed him cheating on me.

In many cases, by the time you figure out your child is being molested, it's too late to save them from the class B personality disorder that has already taken over their mind. Just like the pedophile that succeeded in attacking Mr. Zeller, my ex's success in the creation of his pedophile orphanage was due the unwillingness of people to talk about the wayward, behavior of sexual predators.

R.I.P. Mr. Zeller. 

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Parenting the Suicide Note With Excerpt From "Sketchy 911 Call." Video #9 of 13 of "The Unexpected Predator INVESTIGATIVE Video Series."

The weight of a covered-up molestation situation, the pressure of a clueless mother’s investigation and the wonder of a first, normal romantic experience, prompted 12 year old (then) Daughter to have a nervous breakdown. Now that she has recovered somewhat, her hidden personality “Wifiandtwerking” is restless. Her goal is to become an adult at age 12. First, she has to help get rid of nosy Mrs. Ickmels.
No Dr. Ickmels, you are not getting away with being a child molester!

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Choking on the Ashes of a Runaway - Video #8 of 10 from "The Unexpected Predator INVESTIGATIVE Video Series."

After 7th grade Daughter Ickmels’ only attempt at seeking asylum goes badly, she changes her mind and joins forces with her Devilish father Dr. Ickmels,. He cruelly puts the weight of the world on Daughter's shoulders, and brainwashes her to believe his predatory behavior is HER fault.
This is way too much pressure for anyone, let alone a 12 year old. Something has to give, and it does.
No Dr. Ickmels, you are not getting away with being a child molester!

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The German Slush Fund
Over the course of their 16+ year marriage, Dr. Ickmels shipped between $241,000-$326,000 worth of marital property to Germany, never to be seen again.
While smiling to her face and pretending to be her husband, Dr. Ickmels robbed his trusting wife, as he molested the couple's daughter and had covert, homosexual affairs. Dr. Ickmels even bought a house in Germany right after his wife gave birth to the couple’s daughter but never told her about it. Until the 2013 investigation, Mrs. Ickmels never knew anything was so seriously amiss in their marriage. When she figured out she was being cheated out of a lot of money, she snatched the next deposit going through the couple's joint bank account, much to Dr. Ickmels' dismay. Although it was no where near half of the couple's assets, it was better than nothing and provided Mrs. Ickmels financial support during the case study and investigation.
Dr. Ickmels’ slush fund proves his intentions toward his wife were bad from the get-go. He knew Mrs. Ickmels would someday figure out he is a sexual predator and want a divorce, prompting him to hide the couple’s jointly owned assets. Karmatically, it was Dr. Ickmels' greedy behavior that financed his demise.

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Video #1 of 10 of "The Unexpected Predator INVESTIGATIVE Video Series." The subjects and sources of the investigation are detailed in this video.

Dr. Ickmels has a personality disorder so bizarre, most people can’t even wrap their minds around it. Unfortunately, Dr. Ickmels’ dreadful behavior conforms to what leading researcher Dr. Hare defines as psychopathy. Simply put, a psychopath can be likened to a diabolical narcissist on steroids. A morally bankrupt Devil-human.

Because of the nature of this nearly invisible personality disorder, proving someone suffers from psychopathy is very difficult and if they are idealized by society, it can be almost impossible. Nevertheless, catching a psychopath in action is what Mrs. Ickmels achieved in this case study.

There are many aspects to a psychopath’s dark side, but "The Unexpected Predator Video Series" details arguably the most dreadful symptom of all, SEXUAL predatory behavior. Exposing such a man is a slippery slope in it's own right, because not only does the predator need to be identified, but his victims, crimes, accomplices and his motives must be fully explained, which can be as difficult as catching him. Unfortunately for Dr. Ickmels, keeping his felonious crimes a secret is not an option for Mrs. Ickmels, especially after he TWICE refused to take a polygraph test, in exchange for a costly divorce settlement.

Investigating Dr. Ickmels' inappropriate behavior was not immoral. Walking away without exposing him would be immoral. Like bars on a proverbial jail cell, each video in "The Unexpected Predator Video Series" helps trap Dr. Ickmels in HIS OWN tangled web of lies and deceit, from which there is no escape now.


Please note, The Unexpected Predator Video Series uses real surveillance audio. If you can not hear the audio clearly, use earphones. The pictures of the individuals who help Dr. Ickmels hide his predatory behavior are publicly shared on Facebook.

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Please note, the data for this video was obtained during a private investigation on a sexual predator, but it also reveals important information regarding racist/hater behavior.

There is a direct connection between haters and psychopathic, sexual predators (child molesters). This video provides extensive evidence that racist people have serious personality disorders. The same kind of narcissistic personality that drives a man to molest children and cheat on his wife.

While smiling to your face and pretending to be your friend, creepy cracker Dr. Ickmels secretly puts down anyone he perceives as weaker, just to feel better about HIS wayward behavior. Like a misguided emotion, note how 16 years married Dr. Ickmels spews hater rants, instead of feeling responsibility for his closet-homosexual behavior. Unfortunately, things are even worse than you may know with a fellow like this.

Most people are fleeced to believe a man who is this educated is fair and reasonable and they naively trust him with their children. However, why would a 56 year old man covertly adore men and little girls but disrespect every other demographic in society? Dr. Ickmels' HIDDEN agenda is what makes him especially dangerous.

People of color and women have suffered unimaginable abuse at the hands of psychopaths since the beginning of this country's history (and before). This evidence should assure anyone who is hurt by racist and/or misogynistic behavior, they are NOT the problem.
The images used in this video, including the one of the individual who helps Dr. Ickmels hide his sexual debauchery, are publicly shared. Extra special thanks to Snoop Dogg.

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Video #2 of 10 of "The Unexpected Predator INVESTIGATIVE Video Series." This video proves Dr. Ickmels not only knows about Daughter Ickmels' covert, on-line presence, he is the one who is responsible for it.

Most people who are not child molesters, will agree that a 12 year old should not go into chat rooms with strangers or have a rouge, social media account. However, Daughter Ickmels has Dr. Ickmels over a barrel. He has no choice but to allow Daughter to do whatever she wants on-line or off-line. If he doesn’t, she will expose his felonious crimes.

No Dr. Ickmels you did not get away with being a child molester!
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