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Charity Paschall
Christian Wife, Homeschool Mom, and Author of the Meadow Fairies kids series.
Christian Wife, Homeschool Mom, and Author of the Meadow Fairies kids series.

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How NOT to Publish Your First Book
 1. Have a great idea/inspiration. 2. Get so excited you write it on your drive home (using talk to text). 3. Talk about it all the time, but don’t actually do anything with it. 4. Finally get around to asking someone to illustrate it, but give them no cle...

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Coming this week: The Littlest Frost Fairy
I cannot tell you how many revisions I have done, or how many hours I have poured into this book. And I thought children's books were supposed to be easier to write! For goodness sake, this is a 30 page picture book, how hard can it be? Just because it is s...

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The Great Bathroom Debate
Okay, so someone somewhere passed a law that tells us where we can legally use the bathroom. Wow, can you say “micromanage?” I mean, really? Can you tell me which brand of toilet paper to use? Oh, and I would love to know which hand I am supposed to be wipi...

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Do I really have to obey my husband?
As a wife, God has called me to be obedient to my husband. In this particular thing, I must admit that I have failed Him time and time again. I have never liked that word, “obey.” I made sure the preacher did not use it in our wedding ceremony and I conside...

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Encouragement is SO Important
  I recently attended the Mid-South Christian Writer’s Conference. I learned many things I didn't know, and was reminded of things I did know. One such reminder was from keynote speaker, Edie Melson. She said “You are blessed if you have a spouse who suppor...

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The Big Lie that TV is Telling our Children
Watching TV tonight, I noticed a recurring theme; something I have never really paid attention to before, though it should have been obvious. This recurring theme is alcohol. When anyone had a bad day on this show, they would go have a drink. When they had ...

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Writing Prompt Wednesday 5/4/16
Well, it’s Wednesday and I still have not come up with a hip name for my Writing Prompt Wednesday, so guess what we are going to call it. That’s right! Writing Prompt Wednesday. Here’s how it’s going to work. Each Wednesday throughout the summer, I will pos...

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Plotting AND Pantsing my way to a Novel (or Two)
  Plotter and Pantser are just labels, and I don’t fall wholly into either category. I am currently writing two different novels (crazy, right?), each using a completely different approach. Actually, both of these novels have been on the back burner for som...

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Labels and Gender Identity: a Bible-based Guideline for Helping your Child Understand
Under 18? Due to the sensitive nature of this topic, please ask a parent before reading.   Recently, my nine year old asked me a difficult question. “Mom, am I a tomboy?” I wanted to give her a short and easy answer like “Yes, and there is nothing wrong wit...

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Coping with the Death of a Sibling
  After chemo and steroids had changed her appearance .  It’s been over seven years since my sister died. Cancer. Thanks. No, I’ll never be “okay” again, but I appreciate the sentiment. She was diagnosed with cancer at 24 years old and died a few months ...
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