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so , good morning , it's 8:25 exactly in kelibia the city of magic, i just got back from morning sports with my group. we began at 6 , and done by 7:30 , and it was enjoyable, we did multiple exercices , we did muscles and resistance training and that lasted two hours .
ps: kelibia is in tunisia.

Our health simply can’t be stable all the time, for that many circumstances control it’s maintenance, it changes in parallel with the environment that we live in, our entourage, and everyday habits, nowadays, it’s really important to be in a good mental and physical condition.
Also age can be a reason for a degraded health, so in order to preserve it, we need to focus on the important parts of our body that has a big influence on the state of health.
in a minute, i will inform you about the important parts of our body that need more attention and focus than others.

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