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Shanghai Dumpling King!

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Not sure what can be achieved by In N Out doing this, but it's an interesting article!

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Reshare! I've +1 many a Hello Nerds post/podcast, etc, but this one is extra special! ;-)
The newest podcast is up! This week's special guest is my twin sister +Emily Scheele! We talk Muppets, IT Crowd and whether or not twins really share a psychic bond.

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This is super neat! Walgreens in certain areas is hosting "Be Santa to a Senior." Grab a paper ornament with a Senior's gift wish, purchase the items during your trip and give them to the checker. Walgreens donates the items on your behalf. It's that simple!
I mean, how easy is that? Not too hard to purchase some toothpaste, deodorant or a sweatshirt while you're already there!
It feels good, I promise.
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