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Majid Azar

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Fake Likes on Facebook
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Majid Azar

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Wear prescription glasses? Wanna change how your Glass looks?
There are now four titanium frames — which are compatible with prescription lenses — and two new styles of twist-on shades for +Google Glass.

The frames come with basic, non-prescription lenses and are $225 each. It's worth noting that your vision insurance may cover a portion of the frame price as well as the cost of prescription lenses. The new twist-on sunglasses are $150 each.

More details:
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Majid Azar

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Check out this rope skipping team video
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Majid Azar

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How did I miss this before? 100 years of dance, hilariously and awesomely recreated in 100 seconds:
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Majid Azar

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Majid Azar

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Majid Azar

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"They call themselves the 'Guardians of the Galaxy.'"
"What a bunch of a-holes."
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Majid Azar

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#dailyinspiration  If at first you don't succeed, try again!
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Majid Azar

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In a nutshell, Duracell Quantum if price doesn't matter. Regular Duracell if price matters.
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Majid Azar

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Where do you feel love?
"Close your eyes and imagine the last time you fell in love. Maybe you were walking next to your sweetheart in a park or staring into each other's eyes over a latte.

Where did you feel the love? Perhaps you got 'butterflies in your stomach' or your heart raced with excitement.

When a team of scientists in Finland asked people to map out where they felt different emotions on their bodies, it found that the results were surprisingly consistent, even across cultures."


Image via of Lauri Nummenmaa, Enrico Glerean, Riitta Hari, and Jari Hietanen. Link via +Nicholas Thompson.
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Hi, Maj here... Read my bio to find out more :)

Micro Bio

Majid Azar ( Maj )
Business Productivity & Marketing Consultant

Location:    Melbourne, Australia
Bragging:   Google Apps Authorized Reseller
                  Innovator, co-founder of My Business Central

In more detail:

Hi, my name is Majid Azar, AKA Maj.

I am a Business Productivity & Marketing Consultant from Melbourne, Australia.

My life revolves around technology and the web. It's a simple and sobering realisation that I've managed, somehow, to grow accustomed to. Stop me anywhere on my travels and you'll find an iPhone or some other connection to the inter-webs not far behind. I'm a nerd, yet always in contact with my clients and in control of my business.

Just as an example to see how much of a nerd I can be, simply use your smart phone and scan the QR code and see what happens 

On a professional note, along with the standard business productivity skills I also bring to the table a bunch of business ideals and design theories, a passion for solving problems through programming and computer / network support during the previous 14 years of my work history, and a basic need to uncover exactly how things work — even if they don't make much sense to me. You'll often find me asking "How, Why, Who?" when presented with something new.

My passion for business productivity and finding Yellow Pages a total waste of money along with my curiosity about how I could replace such a useless old legacy, sparked the idea for ‘My Business Central’, this as a replacement of other useless systems out there, NOT an alternative solution. I will get to it further down in my bio.

Ok, back to me again 

I have 14 years experience in Information Technology, 7 years experience in Business Development and 4 years experience in one on one Business Productivity and Marketing Consultancy.

As an entrepreneur, I understand most of the issues and difficulties that other business owners face on a daily basis. Hence, after years of research, I believe I have the ultimate solutions and strategies for all small to midsize business owners for all their technology needs and online marketing.

It is a simple concept that by investing a little, will reduce costs, increase sales, and have maximum profitability. 


I am also proud to announce that I am a Google Apps Authorized Reseller. As a Google Apps Authorized Reseller, I am able to take another step forward to assist each individual business owner and their team members to be more productive.

As a consultant I enjoy watching my client’s business grow and move forward side by side with today’s technology.

Shifting focus and Goals in 2012

One of the major changes in 2012 of ‘365 Online Project’ is the decision to cease its role as computer support and to start outsourcing those services to TTCS (Total Theatre & Computer Solution) instead.

365 Online Project’s aim is to provide full technological solutions to all SME's located in Melbourne.

My mentoring and training is aimed at business building, development, marketing towards a greener environment by digitalization, or to implement different marketing methods to attract more clients, more often to their business.

This includes business analysis, research, loss prevention, business technology system health reports and productivity strategies.

Services provided are as follows:

•    Providing full business solutions

•    Business Productivity

•    Business Development

•    Time Management / Automated scheduling

•    Business Digitalization

•    Business Mobility

•    Data Management, Synchronization, sharing & collaboration

•    Online Marketing Strategies

•    Online Business Advertising

•    Web design, web development

•    Search engine optimization

•    Content Management System

My Team and I provide all small to midsize businesses with following the products:

As a Google Apps Authorized Reseller

   Google Apps Setup, Installation, Domain & Desktop Configuration and Data Migration

   Google Apps One on one training

   Google Apps Online Video Trainings

As My Business Central Reseller

   Business listing & Advertising


As Part of Google Engage Agencies

   Offer you $75 FREE Advertising


   Assist you with Google Adwords 
setup & integration



I enjoy mentoring enthusiastic Australian entrepreneurs into developing their business to become the most productive and advanced businesses.

This is a fantastic role for me to enhance my knowledge and skills while I research, also keeping my skills and knowledge active, facilitating my personal and professional development in my life.

Working with different business owners in a group or individual basis is highly rewarding and it’s a great way to maintain balance in my life.

Constantly learning

The desire to know how and why things work has led me, with much resistance, back to education.

To stay the best in business productivity and marketing, I'm studying a Google Apps and Google Engage Specialist program.

Coming back to study is a great experience and has allowed me to fulfil my want to push further and deeper into the web and the technology that surrounds it. Not only am I learning new skills, I'm also becoming wiser as I discover more and more theories that I can in turn implement in my practical case studies.

There will never be a time when I feel there is nothing left to learn. This is one of the driving factors behind my desire to keep learning and experimenting. The changing universe around us is my motivation to navigate 365 Online Project and continue exploring the frontiers.

Boldly exploring new frontiers

Now is the time for innovation and exploration, a time to shake off the shackles of older technologies and step, unhindered, into a new era on the web. Armed with this purpose in mind, and with less than 5% of business owners actually using Yellow Pages, it wasn't exactly rocket science to move away from such an old legacy and embrace, develop and create the cutting-edge business directory and listing that actually works to replace the old legacy.

The first step for my business was to stop using this long overdue system.

I guess it is true that the need to solve a problem brings out the motivation in us.

The Google success as a search engine leader sparked the idea of creating an ultimate business directory that serves all business needs, yet works directly with Google.

To do so, the next step was understanding why and how Google works. It was a long research journey with lots of learning curves.

However, I learnt one important lesson. That having an idea is easy, turning your idea to a working platform is hard work but that perfecting the process is the most enjoyable part of the journey.

The idea for My Business Central was born just over four years ago, and after three years of working on it, the prototype was built and after months of testing it’s finally ready to move forward full steam ahead.

Future / In Progress Projects

As much as I would like to brag about all my current projects, unfortunately I have to keep them as secret projects for just a bit longer. All I can say is, there is a new system in the process of being built that will change the lives of many people in Australia to make their work life easier.

After all, I work for the big smile on your face 

Bragging rights
Co-Founder of My Business Central, My Next Car, AUSRWC | Owner of Online Project
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Melbourne, Australia
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