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Jamesha Fisher
1 Part Nerd, 2 Parts Geek - shaken, not stirred.
1 Part Nerd, 2 Parts Geek - shaken, not stirred.

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So in my new apartment in have a fully working vintage oven and stove. However like any cooking technophile, I always want to know all I can do with what I cook with. I can't really seem to find any information on what the features of this stove are.

Anybody got any tips or suggestions with cooking on vintage stoves and ovens?

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With it being this weekend...just giving you folks a reminder.

Soooo much stuff to move and get rid of in this bedroom. #sftoeastbaymigration2013. 

Watching ManU vs Real Madrid...exciting game thus far. :-D

Taking a coursera course on Songwriting with Berklee College of Music, and instructor just did the most Hannibal-like twist in his example for developing a song. 

Arnova/Archos - Your valued and greatly adored ChildPad (nephews love the things) is greatly matched with the awesome customer service you just gave me. Keep it up! ^_^

I can never see the phrase "drinking the Kool-Aid" the same way again. Darn you Anybody got cuddly bunnies?

2nd Attempt at Hokkaido Milk actually went pretty well, though, I'll probably want to up the recipe by 1/2. The texture also came out less crumbly, which made things MUCH better. 

Mostly resting today (due to my second case of worksick this month) and taking another whack at Hokkaido Milk Bread. 

Wide awake at, listening to starred music on spotify, and pouring out code. LOVE IT. 
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