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Janette Toral
E-Commerce Advocate. Digital Influencer. Female Motivational Leadership Speaker
E-Commerce Advocate. Digital Influencer. Female Motivational Leadership Speaker

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Please. Don’t ask me to give recognition to people for “trying”. I am fair to people who worked so hard to complete the tasks required and deliverables. Giving fair consideration to those who complete 50 to 80 percent too.

But anything below that, take responsibility for what you got. Don’t blame others for something that is in your control - time and effort.

I will choose not to argue as people like you will blame everyone / everything instead of accepting responsibility for your actions — that you did not put the proper time & effort necessary —- and end up cramming on the last day.

What do you feel about a BPO who binds their employees on a 3 year contract with a penalty provision of P250,000 if they resign within that period?

Then if you already rendered two years of work in the company, when you resign, they still require you to pay the amount in full, rather than the remaining one year value.

I was a co-maker in such an agreement. But I definitely recall in the orientation - that it will be in diminishing value.

Although the new employer is willing to pay the penalty, I still feel that it should not be in full - but on the remaining months in the contract.

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FREE: Basic Virtual Assistance 101 Webinar Series
Last 2013, we launched our first Virtual Staff Entrepreneur Program free webinar series in collaboration with Genesis Reonico (Online Jobs University) and Ron Cirujano (formerly Elance / Upwork). TOPICS I decided to gradually update our content starting wit...

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Increase your Potential with The John Maxwell Team Leadership Game
I recently level-up as Independent Executive Director of The John Maxwell Team . What got me into it is my desire to improve my personal capacity and those I interact with through webinars, talks, classes, consultation, among others. One of the best ways to...

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With many "influencers" communicating their passion and connecting to their target market, it is a challenge to get noticed and be thought of as a "must" - value resource.

As each "influencer" is different, there is no one-size branding fit all style. Your messaging must sync based on what makes you fascinating to others.

More than just branding, an aspiring INFLUENCER must go through transformation to reach their potential. Much of it ---- what is inside you rather than what you project to others.

Becoming an INFLUENCER is not about you - but how you value OTHERS and CONNECT.

Join the Influencer Branding Boot Camp this January 28 (10 AM to 12 pm) via online webinar. Use the insights gained in improving your branding, online presence, communication, and connecting with your audience.

Become an Influencer Patron ($15) to join the session at

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Warm thanks to folks who joined our "Introduction to E-Commerce, Digital Marketing, Freelancing" (lesson 1 of 23). Kindly subscribe to our YouTube channel to get notified of new lessons uploaded.

Join the FREE "E-Commerce & Digital Marketing Mentoring Program for MSMEs & Freelancers" learning series at

Who is one of your heroes? How has he or she inspired you?

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To my G+ friends in Bacolod, I will be there this February 7 and 8 to handle 2 workshop tracks.

On February 7, I will conduct a workshop on "Make Money Online Strategies" (affiliate marketing, cryptocurrency trading, dropshipping, online sales, content monetization).

On February 8, my workshop session will be about "Social Media Marketing, Advertising, PR". (audience, social presence improvement, content marketing, digital PR, CRM, social media marketing / advertising)

Send a private message to WOFEX University ( / 09177026369) for inquiries.

(Workshop rate per day is P3,000. Early bird rate till January 31 is P2,500.) Kindly share to friends who may find this of interest.

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In 2017, I got the opportunity to roll-out a comprehensive e-commerce and digital marketing mentoring program for MSMEs & freelancers in 28 locations. This 2018, there are more inquiries and demand for trainers based in different parts of the country. I am targeting 30 to 60 graduates in our Certified E-Commerce Specialist, Entrepreneur, Professional Program (completing showcase projects) this 2018 to help fill the need for disciplined, consistent, hands-on practitioners who can mentor MSMEs / freelancers. Furthermore, help achieve the target of empowering 100,000 MSMEs do e-commerce by 2020

What is the most memorable presentation you’ve ever heard? What made it stick in your mind?
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