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Erika de Jesus
20, Lasallian, tech geek, shutterbug, adventurer, bookworm, coffee addict, foodie, dog lover, shopaholic, makeup junkie, beauty blogger wannabe. ✌️
20, Lasallian, tech geek, shutterbug, adventurer, bookworm, coffee addict, foodie, dog lover, shopaholic, makeup junkie, beauty blogger wannabe. ✌️

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MAC Mineralize Rich Lipsticks in All Out Gorgeous, Style Surge, and Glamour Era: Photos, Swatches, and Reviews

Have you ever avoided putting on lipstick due to having chapped lips? It’s such a sucky predicament, isn’t it? Imagine attending something that requires you wear makeup, but you have no choice but to sport a bare lip because they would only look even…

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FOTD: Office Makeup Look

Hi everyone! I’ve been busy attending job interviews recently, and even though it’s a rather tedious task, I’m actually enjoying it for a lot of reasons—one of which is how I find it as a creative outlet through my makeup. We all know how situations like…

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Anastasia Beverly Hills Dipbrow Pomade in Chocolate and Medium Brown: Photos, Swatches, and Reviews

I’m sure you’ve heard or read about how thick and bushy but well-defined Cara Delevingne-ish eyebrows are all the rage now as compared to overly-arched thin-as-a-line eyebrows from the 90’s. That trend shift made me happy-sad—happy because I can let my…

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MAC The Matte Lip Collection: Pictures, Swatches, and Reviews

If I had to play favorites among the seasonal makeup collections, my pick would definitely be autumn. Sure, the Philippines doesn’t have four seasons in a year, but that doesn’t stop me from enjoying a lot of the beautiful fall makeup releases… especially…

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Korres Lip Butter: Photos, Swatches, and Reviews

You ever have those days when you have to go out and look even the slightest bit presentable, but you’re too lazy to put on any makeup and donning lipstick feels like overkill because you want to keep the rest of your face as bare as possible? I’ve…

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Travel Diaries: Ain Sokhna, Suez, Egypt

Whenever I tell my friends that I’m headed to Egypt, they put on a puzzled look on their face and ask me, “isn’t it all desert and sand there?” Well, I honestly thought the same thing even after my first trip to the country in 2010, but on my second…

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Kiehl's Blue Herbal Review

I don’t usually make posts on skincare items because they can’t be swatched and they’re certainly not fun to try on and take photos of (if putting them on even makes a difference in pictures, to begin with), but I just had to make an exception for the…

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Travel Diaries: El Fishawy Café, Khan El-Khalili, Cairo, Egypt

September 3, 2014 Today, I made a new friend. It might not seem that big of a deal to most people, but here’s a little backstory: I grew up in the Middle East—Doha, State of Qatar, to be specific—but not once in my six years of residence in that region…

Post has attachment to Transfer = SUCCESS! Check out my new blog layout! :)

Hi everyone! If you can recall my last post about my blog undergoing site maintenance (that post may be found here, on my old blog at, I mentioned something about finally making the switch from…
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