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I'm working on fleshing out the CMS (blog-like) example from "The Yii Book" to complete Chapter 22. Let me know if there are specific features you'd like to see included. I'll be sharing the code on GitHub, once it's done. Also, I'm currently wrapping the book for Yii 1, and will immediately turn around and start updating it for Yii 2. Thanks!

I've had my iPhone 6 for a week now and I rather like it. I previously had a 2+ year old Android phone, on T-Mobile, with no contract. So, basically, I was paying very little money for a sluggish, feeble phone on a poor network. And being a Mac person, the Andriod was never a good fit for me. So this iPhone 6 is an upgrade in three ways: new, faster, better hardware; iOS instead of Android; and now Verizon (which is much, much better than T-Mobile, especially where I live).

So I'm happy about this switch, even if it's costing me double what I was paying. But, at the end of the day, it's just a phone. I don't quite get the adulation and infatuation with them. Maybe I'm just not a big mobile phone person?

Google+ people! I've got 2 ebook copies of my "Modern JavaScript: Develop and Design" and 2 ebook copies of my "PHP Advanced and Object-Oriented Programming" to giveaway. Tell me which book you'd want and why. I'll pick winners in about 4 hours (so it's not first come, first served). 

Quick status on "The Yii Book". The rough draft of Chapter 11, "User Authentication and Authorization" is done. Currently working on Chapter 12, "Working with Widgets". 

My hope is to write Chapters 13 & 14 in the next week, so that I can wrap Part 2 of the book with the next release. That being said, I wasn't pleased with the quality of the past two releases (0.4 and 0.41), so I don't want to rush this next release. If I can't get all four chapters done in a timely manner, I'll do the next release with just two chapters. 

For the next release, I'm also going to go back through the whole book and make some minor edits to clean it up a bit. That's something I was planning on doing before the final version 1 release, but now is as good a time as any.

Thanks to everyone for their patience, feedback, and interest in the book!

I have a client that is looking to hire a backend developer to help him create his site from scratch. It's an ambitious but interesting project, and he does know his subject area very well. The developer would work remotely. The goal is to have the first phase of the site in place in June (I think). 

The technologies involve include PHP, MySQL, HTML5, Twitter Bootstrap (I think), and probably some JavaScript. The site will not be using frameworks or OOP. I am a consultant to the client, but would not be a primary developer. 

If you're interested, qualified, and available, let me know and I can put you in touch with the client. Also let me know if you have any questions. Thanks!

I was installing a new shower head today, and I love these plumbing instructions:
Step 5: blah, blah, blah DO NOT WRENCH TIGHTEN.
Step 12: If it leaks, go ahead and wrench tighten. 
Trying to think how I can apply this to programming...

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This is an excellent article on the importance of copy editors. It also does a great job of explaining part of the book writing process, how the writer feels during that part, and what the writer needs to do.

I am very pleased to announce that I have officially implemented the first update of "The Yii Book". Below are the release notes. You can download the latest version from your account page ( Also, I did a quick test using the Kindle application and it did retain my notes and highlights after importing the new release. Hopefully you'll experience the same! 

As always, if you have any questions or problems, you can use the feedback form (or reply to this email). My thanks to everyone for their orders, their feedback, and their patience. Now I'm going back to writing!
Added Chapter 5, "Working with Models," (approximately 34 pages).
Fixed all the errors found in release 0.2.
Increased the font size and the margins for the PDF.
The ePub version now works in iBooks 3 and Adobe Digital Editions (Windows).
115 pages total as a PDF.

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What some of you have been waiting for: You can now buy "The Yii Book" via PayPal. Let me know if there are any problems. Thanks for the interest in the book!

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"The Yii Book" by Larry Ullman now available for purchase at 

The site is kind of in beta, but it's been tested and should be working properly. Let me know if you have any problems at all. 

The book is currently in version 0.2, with the introduction plus Part 1 (four chapters) done. It's available in these formats: PDF, epub, mobi. English only. 

For any questions, see the FAQ page (

Thanks to everyone for their interest!
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