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Just because a violent dictator has fallen doesn't mean we shouldn't pray for the loss of his life and all those who perished over the years. Violence does not solve anything, and neither does hate. It's unfortunate that even one life has been lost, much less thousands. Yet what we should focus on as a people is coming together and doing our very best to live our lives with kindness, forgiveness, respect and love for each and everyone. There will always be destruction in the world, but with enough love, we can make a difference.

Destroyed my first Koa wood project. I seriously suck at doing woodwork. Next on my list: Get a good woodworking instructor.

Found myself clutching my iPad & fumbling for my iPhone today. It may not be a big deal to others but Steve Jobs made Apple what it is. The phone every other company secretly wants to kill; The tablet all other tablets can only hope to be; The computer that sets the standard for all others; and the brand that everyone tries to catch up to. Like it or not, hater or lover, it's all undeniably Steve Jobs. You will be missed.

Day 2 of NY Fashion Week done. Home at 1:45 AM. Worked straight since 10 AM with nothing but a few bites of junk here and there. Here's to 6 more grueling days of NY Fashion Week and a 3 hr sleep schedule. This is why I thank God for the vacation I managed to squeeze in with my family.

Hurricanes are unpredictable & deadly. The unaffected that are scoffing at us & calling our preparedness "hype", you are insensitive.

Whether or not Irene ends up a dud or a catastrophic disaster isn't the point. So far, several people have already been reported killed, and the financial damage has already begun climbing. It irks me that some people can even think that we're just "hyping" a little storm, or that we're making a big deal over nothing. I'd like to think we all learned from past hurricanes.

Fact is, early and continued warnings CAN and DO save lives. If the hurricane ends up being less severe, we can be thankful. But in times of natural disasters, we should always prepare for the worst, hope for the best. If all this "hype" can save even one life, I'd say it's worth it, and those that seek to downplay any serious incident should look in front of a mirror and be disgusted at their lack of compassion for their fellow humans.

Spent a nice hourlong lunch with some friends from RIM. Funny how even they share many of the public's sentiments, and agree that many a higher-up is so disconnected from his/her consumer base.

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The @myrealitytech team & I just got our hands on 12 HP Touchpads. We're pleased to be giving them to the YMCA NYC chapter :) What a wonderful way to start the week. Here's wishing everyone a beautiful day filled with love and kindness to one another.

Would it be wrong to want to shout out to the world just how very happy I am right now? Well, I am :) Happier than I've been in years. I wish everyone the same, and if you're not, I'm here if you need a shoulder or someone to cheer you up.

I love that we're giving away a bunch of other smartphones this summer instead of the classic iPhones we gave away last year. A little variety was in order.
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