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I have lived in various Detroit area cities over the years, in the early-2000's I lived within the limits of Detroit! The only time I lived outside the Detroit area was during the turn of the millennium, where I lived in a small town near West Branch, Michigan. In 2006 I discovered Google Sketchup and in 2007 I created my current 3D Warehouse account and have since gone on to create more than 150 models, one of those was really popular and it was my SMART bus shelter!
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Wyandotte, Michigan
Southgate, Michigan - Detroit, Michigan - Dearborn, Michigan - Warren, Michigan - Skidway Lake, Michigan
Too many to list :D
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I asked an employee about a product I didn't see on the shelves and instead she told me obscene words. Screw this location!
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Went there yesterday and it indeed has seen better days. There were even a couple of party stores inside, for gosh sakes!
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I once stayed her during the spring way back in 2009 and unfortunately, I no longer remember most things about my experience here, but I wasn't expecting their television to have a channel just for coffee-making instructions! Plus, I was also able to get the over-the-air WGN (not WGN America, like what I get back home in the Downriver suburbs of Detroit).
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Even if you have no intentions of purchasing anything here (or even don't have enough money to buy anything here at all), it is still definitely a great place to exercise. However, I'm not expecting to come here often, most likely due to how far my neighborhood is from here. If any Trimble 3D Warehouse users are reading this, I'm using this mall as a base for a fictional outlet mall of my own.
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Just about everything in here (or at least what I've seen-I didn't see every part of the museum when I visited in November) is well worth the free admission (if you live in Wayne (like me), Oakland or Macomb Counties, that is-everyone else in the world still pays to come in here).
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Been going here annually since 2011 and it's very cool. One of my most favorite parts was the Model T rides in Greenfield Village. I've also been to the museum twice, but the last time I went inside that part was the summer of 2012, mainly for the Titanic's 100th anniversary, but also to check out their new automotive exhibition.
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Took it back in 2009 and the westbound trip was okay, but the eastbound took so long it had to be terminated at the next eastbound station from here, Detroit! Would take it again, but the prices...
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