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+V Jaegu I can keep this up allllll day -_^


Anime: RE:Zero - Emilia

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This is almost atrocious to listen to. The gall of the hospital to defend the guy too...ridiculous.

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That last episode has me pumped for a second season.

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Awesome write-up. It makes me excited to have a Nexus again.

#android #nexus6p #androido

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All about Android is about to start....

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Finally getting to catch up on some of my favorite stories I've been missing. Despite being bonus episodes...these are pretty good.

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New episode of Case Closed/Detective Conan

Do Not Disturb

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The God we DESERVE!!!

Anime: Tsuki ga Michibiku Isekai Douchuu

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(ง´• ᗜ •`)ง Weekend Event GACSplit Results! (ง´• ᗜ •`)ง

The results are in and what a fantastic event (after much begging from the members BWAHAHA). I want to personally thank everyone who participated. Like I mentioned in the introductory post, I personally know a lot of people who have multiple personality disorder and it was great to see them represented here.

Some preliminary results: There were 5,656 Plus 1's and 178 Posts. The top character mentioned was Kudo Shinichi and Conan Edogawa from Detective Conan! WOOT! Kaneki from Tokyo Ghoul was a close second. Not bad!

Now, to the part I know you all REALLY care about:

Altered Reality - Most Plus 1's in a Single Post
+Sujata Raj (158) -

My other selves - Most posts
First: +Magician Detective Mihaoru Soka (42)
Second: +GabiG ღ (24)
Third: +ɱαy ᴡøłғ (19)

Kurumi Adoring - Most Plus 1s Overall
First: +GabiG ღ (1063)
Second: +Sujata Raj (867)
Third: +ɱαy ᴡøłғ (674)

Best Average Plus 1's per post:
+Kaori Miyazono (50)
+мonocнroмe angel (45)
+GabiG ღ (44)

No favorites this time because you are all my favorites! Congrats everyone and enjoy the rest of your week.

Anime: Assassination Classroom - Nagisa
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