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Tenemos nuevo canal de Yotube.Y tal.
Después de mucho sufirmiento, sudor, y birras, aquúi tenéis nuestros temas en Youtube:

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¡¡Estrenamos EP!! ¡¡Y blog!!
Hoy publicamos nuestro EP homónimo, y a la par hemos decidido estrenar un blog para poder dejar aquí un montón de cosas relacionadas con la banda... Y cualquier desparrame mental. Para empezar, tenéis nuestro EP enterito y gratis en Soundcloud en el marcado...

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Drive Me Wild (lyrics)
Late night in dark Madrid Met a lady, sweet nineteen Tried to invite her to a drink She denied it, she wasn’t pleased What are you doing here? She comes by me and says “ Good girls go to heaven, bad girls go everywhere” Temptation. Liberation. She’s an ange...

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After You (lyrics)
Hear me, there’s no excuse I’m done with all the abuse You’ve got nothing to say I’ve got nothing to lose There’s not much more to choose I’ll go through it, with no refuse With violence, is the time to prove Let’s clear out the deuce Let the beast go loose...

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Trigger (lyrics)
You`re so cool. You`re the man. You do what no one can Those big guns you`ve got over there would make JOHN
WAYNE CRY. You´re so macho, but there´s one thing. I smell fear Cheap guns have made everyone pay. Pay for your fear. THAT`S THE PRICE YOU PAY Why wo...

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Wicked Woman (lyrics)
UH Soul eater, lust feeder Sex demon, hungry for men Sweet talking, cat walking Danger itself, straight out’a hell  BEWARE She’s coming down She needs somebody to fit her tight and Fill her deep inside, OH YEAH!! SHE A wicked woman WILL A wicked woman FUCK ...

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Köalapocalypse (lyrics)
Koalas in the city Chaos, it's the day Friendly buddies they don't hurt nobody or so did they say Rabid souls, smashed heads All against the wall Flip the table, slash your neighbour It's a night of rock and roll Nobody expected anything like this O-PEN SEA...
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