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Eric Breske is one of our many application specialists in our North American Headquarters in Wisconsin. He specializes proving and testing applications prior to machinery shipment.
Today he proved out a customer’s application by using one of or hydraulic shop presses in our giant showroom. The HSP-30M made quick work of this massive 6” bushing, pressing it into place in a matter of seconds.
When it comes to tricky manufacturing applications, Eric is about as good as it gets when raising the comfort level of our customers. Ask for him by name if you need professional and curious, real world results ‪#‎baileigharmy‬ ‪#‎baileighshoppress‬
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Planting seeds for a good cause: Dave Byron

The art of forming and shaping metal needs to be passed down to the next generation. A simple father and son project in the garage can plant a seed that can blossom into something magical down the road. Many of today’s trend setting builders and fabricators started in the shop with their fathers, uncles, and grandpas.

Dave Byron is not only a good friend of Baileigh and a phenomenal metal shaper and instructor, he is truly a metal shaping philanthropist who shares his knowledge and skills with the world. Doing what he can to keep the craft alive.

Dave has started producing these pressed belly tanker bodies out of 22 gauge aluminum with a male and female forming die. They are a simple metal shaping exercise that will require the basics: cutting, fitting, and hand forming a hem by folding over the edge all the way around the body with a shaping hammer and dolly…..perfect for planting the metal shaping seed.

He will be mass producing them with a Baileigh shop press and selling them for a good cause. Dave will be donating a large portion of the proceeds to technical and vocational schools around the country in the form of $500 scholarships for children or young adults that are interested in keeping the art of metal shaping alive.

Hats off to Dave Byron as he is one of the good guys out there in metal shaping #baileigharmy #baileighmetalshaping
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Epic Mancave Builds on the Discovery Channel 

Husband and wife team Brandon and Melissa Ruff are the owners of Fire Mass Metals. They are obsessed with building the most incredible “mancaves” on the planet.

Their work has grabbed international attention and landed them their own show on the Discovery Chanel called “Epic Mancave Builds” 

In a shop full of Baileigh metal and woodworking equipment, Brandon’s team of fabricators will be sharing their amazing builds with the world. Be sure to check out the show and follow them on:

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Shaping Tomorrow’s Fabricators: The Fab School

Located in Rancho Cucamonga, California, The Fab School provides tomorrow’s fabricators with technical and hands-on-skills required to become marketable candidates for employment in the metal fabrication industry. This is all done through classroom activities and practical shop experience.

Owner and founder, Troy Johnson has dedicated his life to this noble cause and takes personal pride in watching his graduates hit the ground running as they enter the workforce. 

Troy’s crew just completed the move to a 33,000 square foot, state of the art facility and filled it with Baileigh Industrial metal fabrication equipment from mills, lathes and drill presses, to CNC Press brakes, tube benders and notchers. The entire fab area is dominated by industrial grade machinery…no wimpy stuff.

Having experience on quality machinery gives The Fab School’s graduates an impressive advantage over other candidates, ensuring a bright future for them all.

In addition to having one of the best fabrication programs in the US, The Fab School has an impressive social media reach as well. Be sure to check them out on:

Instagram @thefabschool 
Twitter @thefabschool 

If you, your son or your daughter are interested in learning more about the many programs offered at The Fab School, please visit their website here: 
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United Kingdom Metal Artist: Shane Martin
Shane Martin from Shane Martin Designs or @shane_against_the_machine on Instagram is located in Boston, United Kingdom. He has a unique flavor of dark metal art that has captured the world’s attention.
With over a decade of fabrication, welding and artistic expression under his belt, he is commissioned almost daily by companies around the world. His latest venture was a line of fully welded, abstract trophies for Monster Energy.
Shane has partnered with Baileigh Industrial in efforts to take over the world of metal art, one piece at a time. We are honored to help this up and coming artist as he hits his stride over the next couple of years.
Go follow his Facebook page here:
Follow him on Instagram here:@shane_against-the_machine 
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Cruising Kitchens: The future of mobile vending
Started in a garage 5 years ago by the husband and wife team Cameron and Kaycee Davies in San Antonio, Texas, Cruising Kitchens has grown to be the world’s largest manufacturer of kitchen trucks, Airstream offices, tailgating vehicles, mobile tattoo parlors and mobile hair salons. 
The shop has grown from a humble 8 employee crew with little-to-no tools, to a 26 employee manufacturing facility that can turn a 3 month build out in 3 weeks flat. With the entire tear down process, welding, fabrication and finishing done in house, Cameron’s crew needs the best equipment money can buy.
The concept for mobile vending has gone absolutely viral which has shined a worldwide spotlight on their business. In fact, they are in the process of signing a major network reality TV deal as we speak. Look for them and their new show next season as their business continues to build people’s dreams and making small business owners happy.
Cruising Kitchens has partnered with Baileigh Industrial for all of their fabrication equipment needs. They just took delivery of their new BB-12014 10’ x 14 gauge box and pan brake and SH-12003-HD 10’ x ¼” inch hydraulic shear with programmable back gauge via touch screen programmer.
If you would like to turn it up a notch in your fabrication or woodworking shop, call the experts at Baileigh or shoot us an email 
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Ashley Guy is the Founder and President of Utah Trikes. Located in Payson, Utah, they are in the epicenter of one of the largest biking communities in the US.

Surrounded by bikes as a child, Ashley found himself tinkering with them at a young age. Building his first fully functional bicycle at the age of 10, shaped his future as he turned his love for bicycles and trikes into an industry leading business. 

Today, as the nation’s leading trike manufacturer, Ashley and his crew continue to be a driving force of innovative design and manufacturing throughout the world, and we have been by his side the entire trip.

Ashley and the crew do all of the designing and Baileigh Industrial does all of the heavy lifting. 

They use the RDB-250 tube bender with a touch screen programmer to bend the tubes for the frames. The TN-800 endmill style tube notcher is used to provide the perfect cope (or notch) for joining and TIG welding.

In addition to the tube bending operations, the RDB-250 tube bender has been outfitted with the UBP-1200 Universal Bend Plate that allows the operator to easily bend solid rod and flat bar to multiple radii without major tooling changes. 

Utah Trikes is now a fully functional #Baileighshop and is a perfect example of how our team operates. 

When a customer calls Baileigh Industrial with a manufacturing need, our technical sales and application group engineers and delivers the perfect solution….it’s that simple. Having the correct machinery in place changes everything.

Follow Utah Trikes on Instagram to keep up with the latest:@utahtrikes 

Check out their website here: [url=]Utah Trikes | Recumbent Trikes | Catrike| KMX | ICE | Sun[/url] 

Here are a few videos of how Utah Trikes has changed everything:
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Manny Sihota at @lionheartfab is our bearded metal shaper in Canada eh?

Check out this FXR he is working on. He made the gas tank from scratch with his MH-19 Power Hammer #baileighpowerhammer Manny has started a custom bike shop and is ready to start taking custom orders....go give him a follow. #baileigharmy
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Fabricator of the month: Redspade Design / Bill Vollriede

From architectural fabrication and high end furniture, to ambitious automotive and custom motorcycle projects, Redspade Design does it all. Located just south of Chicago, in Bloomington, IL, the demand for their work is at an all-time high.

Owner and lead fabricator Bill Vollriede has an extensive background in fabrication and welding. With over 23 years of real world experience under his belt, his customers could not be in better hands.

With a clientele list that includes Celebrities, Politicians, Athletes and the one and only Donald Trump, Bill’s portfolio is quite impressive.

Business is booming for Bill and his crew, and there is no shortage of work. The shop is operating into the evening nearly 7 days a week. Bill has an entire shop full of Baileigh equipment that he relies on. The BB-4816M magnetic brake is one of his favorite machines. “I can make anything with that brake”

Recently, Bill and his crew gutted, restored and transformed this 1958 Leland Double Decker bus into a fully functional, rolling gourmet restaurant that seats 24 people.
Recent, higher end projects include custom furniture and architectural art for Donald Trump and Chris Gardner.

Check out Redspade’s Facebook page here: 

Be on the lookout for Bill and his crew and they will be featured on a regular basis by Baileigh and several other social media outlets.
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Jonathan Prince from @jonathanprincesculpture is an absolute genius when it comes to turning metal into art. In his shop full of Baileigh equipment, Jonathan and his crew of fabricators spend months creating giant art pieces that can be seen throughout New York City and all over the world. 

Go check him out as he will soon be adding a rather large piece of Baileigh equipment to the shop… hints given #baileigharmy #metalshaping #metalart
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