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Out From the Shadows! Dave Byron, a Metal Shaping Legend in the Making!

Dave Byron is probably one of the most humble metal shapers we have ever had the privilege of working with. Located in Green bay, Wisconsin, this soft spoken metal shaping enthusiast has absolutely mastered his Baileigh MH-19 Multi Hammer under a veil of secrecy. 

He purchased his machine several years ago and disappeared into the sunset, never to be heard from again……that is until he was spotted at the Sunny View Swap Meet in Oshkosh, Wisconsin a couple months back. 

After setting up our booth, shaking hands and chewing the rag with some local Hot Rod guys, we noticed a rather large crowd forming in the distance. After making our way to the front, we were blown away by what we found…… was Dave!.....and his hands were dirty! He had been working this whole time! No smart phone and not much of a computer guy, his work has been off of the metal shaping radar for most of us.

He is one of our biggest success stories when it comes to “what can be done with a power hammer.” Here is Dave’s reproduction of a ¼ midget from the mid 1950’s. Formed from 16 gauge aluminum, the majority of the work was formed with the 3” thumbnail shrinking dies that were included with his machine. The tail and nose were made with 4 separate pieces, while the hood and body were formed with a single sheet.

This is amazing metal work with an insane amount of attention to detail. Some of the best we have seen.

Dave has also been busy working on a few customer projects as well. Here you will see his latest creation, a Crosley T bucket with a supercharged Crosley engine. Holy cow!

Dave will be a great addition to Baileigh’s metal shaping family as he will be one of our metal shaping instructors and power hammer teachers.

Please email Shane Henderson for information about our metal shaping classes held on a regular basis.
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Baileigh Industrial Inc

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The JP-1250 in Earl’s words
I have had my Baileigh Industrial JP-1250 for about 8 months now and I think I have used it enough to give a credible review. Baileigh has been around in the metal machine business for years but just started getting into woodworking machines. I did a lot of research before I pulled the trigger on this machine and decided, at the price it was selling for, I couldn't pass it up. 

The machine arrived in great shape with excellent packaging. It comes with 4 heavy casters but they don’t swivel, so unless you are going to move it in only one direction they are not very practical. The first thing I did, after unpacking everything, was lift it up and remove the casters. I put the machine in a universal Mobile Base, which has worked very well for me, as I am limited on space and have to move the machine all the time. I am very happy with the jointer / planer and it does a great job on everything I have thrown at it. I have run hard Maple, Oak, Walnut, Birch, Ash and Purple Heart through it without any snipe or tear out. I have run 10 ft long boards through it and I get zero snipe from it. The noise level is very good, due to the 3” helical cutter head and that is a big factor for me, as I live in a golf community. Dust collection is very good in the planing mode but could be improved in the jointing mode. I always have to vacuum up shavings from the planer bed when I change over. I have a dust collector that is hooked directly to the machine, when in use.
Changeover to planer mode is very easy and removal of the jointer fence is simple but not completely necessary. Converting back to Jointer is just as easy, the beds go back perfectly co-planer and the fence goes back square without any problem. I always check it to make sure but a couple of bumps with my hand and it’s back square. It’s listed as a 12 inch machine but about the maximum you can run through it is 11 1/2. The bed is 12 inches wide but there are 1/4 inch edge ribs that prevent the full width use. I have added a Wixey DRO to the planer bed and accuracy and repeat-ability is very easy now.

Earl Runans, Province Forge, VA
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Vultures Row Aviation and Baileigh Join Forces in the restoration of a WWII Warbird

Check out the video here: Vultures Row Aviation / Baileigh Industrial Restoration of a WWII Douglas Dauntless 

Vultures Row Aviation has teamed up with the Baileigh Industrial’s metal shaping team to restore a WWII warbird back to its original condition.

In 1944, this Douglas Dauntless crashed into Lake Michigan after taking off from the USS Sable during training. In 1994, the team pulled the wreckage from the lake and began a 4 year restoration project from the ground up. 

3 years in, the plane has taken shape and is in the process of being re-skinned with Baileigh metal shaping equipment. 

This WWII plane with live on forever in the Greatest Generation Naval Museum

You can follow the progress here:  
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Woodworking Nurse, Michelle Blair

Nurse by day and Woodworker by night, Michelle Blair has embraced her woodworking addiction with vigor. Self-taught and full of ambition, she is making some waves in the online woodworking scene. 

With her TS-1040P-50 table saw and MC-625 mortising machine she has tackled some pretty serious projects to date. From simple memory boxes to full blown kitchen islands, she has showcased her skills throughout her own house as well as for a loyal following of customers. She prides herself as an extremely competent and self-sufficient woodworker with a heightened attention to detail.

The team at Baileigh Industrial Woodworking is honored to be a part of Michelle’s dream and help showcase her work. Be on the lookout for the Woodworking Nurse, Michelle Blair. 
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Titan Motorsports and Baileigh Join Forces

For nearly 15 years, Titan Motorsports has been involved in the international racing scene. Located in Orlando, Florida, they specialize in full tube chassis and race car fabrication, turbo, dyno, tuning, NOS, and just about every other drag racing and racecar upgrade you can imagine. Mail order performance parts are also a hug part of the business in addition to some of the best technical support in the business.

With a current world record under their belt, technical lead Nero Deliwala has his hands full defending it at the track nearly every weekend. The record: Kanoo Racing’s Toyota Supra ran a 6.14 sec @ 232 miles per hour.

The race shop is a beehive of fabrication activity and is running nonstop. Tube chassis and roll cage production has been simplified for production using the programmable RDB-250 tube bender. 

Here is a video of the shop

Baileigh and Titan Motorsports Join Forces 

If you are interested in racing, check out their website here: 
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Baileigh Industrial Inc

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Elegant Liquor Displays Made Easy 
So….you are in line at the local liquor store picking up a bottle of wine to go with the steaks you are going to surprise your wife with this evening. Standing there, you notice a bottle of Gray Goose Vodka in an amazing brushed stainless steel back-lit display.
Have you ever wondered who makes those unique displays?
Richard Winberry and the team at California New Craft Products do, that’s who. They produce some of the most amazing alcoholic beverage displays on the market today. Located in La Habra, California, they pride themselves as one of the premier and innovative display suppliers in the industry. American made products made by hard working Americans. It is a successful recipe that has built their business from the ground up.
Looking to produce a new line of “artsy” sheet metal product displays, Richard contacted the Baileigh sheet metal team. After reviewing the application and production numbers, our team offered a complete and total solution. The BP-3142NC hydraulic press brake delivers 42 tons @ 31 inches wide and is made to run around the clock.
With the correct tooling included, production started immediately, with absolutely no set up time. Adjust the back gauge, set the tonnage, and simply step on the foot pedal to cycle the machine. It’s that simple! The press brake is now set to run literally thousands of parts that will be identical without any additional steps by the operator.
Richard’s team could not be happier. They were kind enough to share these photos along with this email:
“Thank you Baileigh!! 
Upon receiving our new press brake we had it plugged in and running a production job in minutes. Smooth operation, quick set-ups and accurate bends. 
I highly recommend this machine. And the added fact that it is Made In USA just makes it an even better purchase.”
Thanks again, 
Richard Winberry 
California New Craft Products, Inc. 
La Habra, CA
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Female welders do it hotter! Just ask Madison Ervin or @maddieceph on Instagram. She is a full time welder at Rossion Supercars and is a part of the #baileigharmy she uses the #tn250 tube notcher all day, everyday. BAM! The Baileigh Industrial team supports female welders, fabricators and woodworkers all over the world! Go give her a follow and show your support! #girlpower #baileigh_industrial
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Made in the USA / Dirt Bound Off Road

Located in San Dimas, California, Dirt Bound Off Road is a family owned business with a strong customer base. Specializing in Jeeps and 4x4 trucks, they offer a full product line of off road bumpers, parts and accessories. Over the past several years, their products have grown quite popular in the off road community, and as a result, the company has grown exponentially. 

Unfortunately, with their “entry level” machinery, meeting the demands of this successful business has been quite challenging for Max Wilson and his crew. The “painfully slow” air / hydraulic tube bender has been a huge bottleneck in the shop, slowing production to a crawl when orders need to ship.

Desperate for a permanent solution he could grow the business around, Max contacted the Baileigh off road team who specialize in off road chassis and roll cage manufacturing applications.

After looking at Dirt Bound’s products and production numbers, the team engineered a solution that reduced a 3 man job down to a 1 man job in a fraction of the time. The RDB-250 programmable tube bender will bend 180 degrees in 9 seconds, in addition to saving 180 programs in its memory. The 10 foot indexing table ensures dead accurate bends in any plane. 

Max and his crew now have the correct equipment in place to expand the business into new markets without the worry of not being able to keep up. Max was kind enough to send us these pictures and this email:

“I gotta say how amazing this bender is, last week I did a production run of hoops for about 30 bumpers worth (a little over 100 bends). Normally that would take us 2-3 days to do, with the RDB-250 I was able to cut and bend all the tube in just under 4 hours.”
Check the out here:



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This Changes Everything in Grinding…..The BG-248-3 Belt Grinder!

Take everything you thought you knew about belt grinders and throw it out the window. We have one of the most versatile machines on the market today….period.

Vertical or horizontal positioning 
5 work stations with 5 different contact wheels
3 grinding tables
3 wheel variable radius work station
In stock and ready to rock!

Get on Instagram and go follow @parks_requiem and let them know #baileighsentme
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Baileigh Industrial Inc

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A recipe for success…..Gas Monkey and Baileigh 

Whether you are talking about a successful restoration / car flipping business, or one of the most popular shows on Television today, the crew at Gas Monkey Garage have their hands full. 

With the stress of camera crews in their face all day and the ever changing deadlines for the show, Aaron and the boys in the shop chose to run with Baileigh Industrial for nearly every fabrication operation in the shop. Cutting, bending, punching, pressing, grinding and shaping metal…..all made easier, all from one place.

Be sure to catch future episodes as the crew will be cranking out more cars using our equipment!
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2” inch thick steel plate? problem. Here at Baileigh Industrial, we laugh at such applications. When most companies in the industry go crying to their mammas, we cut, roll, bevel, bend, pierce, drill, machine and tap this material with a smile on our face. #BAM! #Fabhard #industrydomination #baileigh_industrial
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Roll Bending with the Metal Artist: Tyler Burleson
Born and raised in Las Vegas, Tyler Burleson was exposed to the world of sparks and metal at an early age. With an uncle as a union sheet metal worker, it didn’t take long for Tyler to follow in his footsteps.
Working for the union was good money, but it seemed almost like seasonal work as he was constantly waiting on the next job. Layoff after layoff……. this feast or famine lifestyle was not a consistent paycheck and with the downed economy in Las Vegas, Tyler had to find another way to provide for his family.
With his sheet metal equipment and an amazing artistic vision, he began to make metal art in his spare time. Friends, family and people around town began to take notice of Tyler’s abilities and his work went viral throughout the city. His art can now be seen in galleries and art shows all over Las Vegas and a national following is not too far off with his projects being posted on Instagram here: 
In addition to sheet metal and 3 dimensional art pieces, Tyler is paving the way for “roll bent art” that has seemed to flood the art scene. With large radius turns and flowing bends, the look of rolled tube is elegant, yet captivating to say the least. 

Tyler has capitalized on this popularity by creating his own flavor of metal art using the R-M40 roll bender. Motorized rolls allow him to keep his hands free for any adjustments that might be necessary during the bending process. The top roll adjustment allows him to accurately repeat parts without the trial and error of manual machines. 
In addition to the roll bent tubing, Tyler often accents his art pieces with rolled sheet metal. The SR-5016 allows him to create a linear radius in sheet metal up to 4 foot wide, 16 gauge mild steel. With a shop full of Baileigh equipment, Tyler is ready to take on the international art scene with gusto.
Be on the lookout for his metal art in a studio or art show near you.
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Baileigh Industrial is an international provider of quality metal machinery, as well as woodworking machinery. Our proven industry leadership results in profitable solutions for your fabricating needs. You can rely on our global experience, our in-depth expertise, and our unwavering commitment to your absolute satisfaction. 

Baileigh Industrial, Inc. started in the industry selling quality tube and pipe benders as well as tubing notchers made in our manufacturing plant located here in the United States.  We entered the tube bender market and showed that better designs coupled with industrial grade components manufactured and assembled by a small group of hardworking Americans with that entrepreneurial spirit can prosper. 

Today that small tube bender and pipe notcher facility is much larger and Baileigh Industrial, Inc. now has dozens of manufacturing sites worldwide with multiple distribution sites on different continents.  Today we offer many different product segments in metal fabricating machinery as well as machine tools  comprised of hundreds of different models manufactured to the highest quality standards on the market, and sold at reasonable prices that are afforded by the small start ups as well as the large multi nationals. 

We offer hardworking equipment for hardworking people, just like you. Our high-performance metal fabricating equipment is designed to stand up to all your tough jobs. Every product represents superior design, innovative technology, state-of-the-art features, and affordable quality. It's reliability at the best value for your business dollar. All so you can achieve peak performance with each and every project.