Help! I'm having a tech dilemma. My sister generously got me a Nook Tablet as a surprise! But so far I haven't fallen in love with it (not to mention my makes snapping noises). There are things I like about it but I'm having one major hang up... apps.

Here are the apps through +Barnes & Noble Not very uhm... lets just say every app I've looked for isn't there.

I just talked to an online chat person who said The apps can only be installed on the NOOK Tablet's internal memory and not on a memory card and you can only use apps from Barnes and Noble. I know people root them but that voids the warranty and my sister got me a two year warranty.

Then I asked if any more apps were coming (I'm not paying 3 bucks for a Fake Facebook app) and he said As for any upcoming apps we do not have that information but you may refer to this page for a list of apps available (link above) .

So anyone have a Nook Tablet? What do you think? If I decide to keep it I'll have to start side loading all my google books (and read all my kindle books on the pc).
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