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The Moon & The Mountain, Grand Teton National Park, WY
#landscapephotography , #photographytips   #photographyworkflow   #howtophotograph  

Here is a very old photograph of mine (2005) when I first started experimenting with some creative photography. I wanted to capture the Moon and the Mountains in a single exposure. This was taken with my Canon 20D with a long lens. At the time I was unsure how to capture this I woke early every morning for 5 days and drove to the location to timing of the moonset and sunrise just right. 

How was this photograph created?
This is a single exposure photo taken with a long lens and with soft GND filters (I don't remember which ones). My objective was to be able to see all the details in the moon and enough details in the foreground and the mountains. Overall processing was done almost entirely in Adobe Camera RAW.

Enjoy & Share.
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