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Bengaluru's connectivity is on the cusp of a tectonic shift
peak hour, crowd-levels in Metro train systems in Japan become
unmanageable such that they employ what are known as ‘train pushers’ to
pack in as many commuters inside the compartments. Closer home, the
Delhi Metro has always been synonymous with...

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Tamil Nadu’s Thala-Thalapathy conundrum
Overrated, yet celebrated:  Tamil actors Vijay and Ajith, who command massive fan-followings “Oh, you watch Tamil cinema? So, you must be a fan of  Thala /  Thalapathy ?” Trepidation must be the watchword when one
encounters these statements. For, this refe...

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Jon Stewart and his significance to Indian media
That's cheesy, Mr President: Obama on air with the witty Jon Stewart When the most powerful citizen in the world makes an
appearance on your TV show seven times, and makes special efforts to cultivate
you, rest assured that you have made it as a showman. In...

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The thin line between desperation and success
After years of blogging, I have decided to make a transition to short-stories. Here's my first shot at it...

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Tamil Nadu’s Thala-Thalapathy conundrum
Overrated, yet celebrated:  Tamil actors Vijay and Ajith, who have massive fan-followings. Source: Internet “Oh, you are a follower of Tamil
cinema. So, you must be a fan of Thala / Thalapathy ?” The next
time you encounter these queries remember that this ...

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Dear reader, do you think you deserve better news?
Print in its myriad forms -- source: Internet One may proclaim that factors such as corporate
ownership or paid news are the biggest enemies of print media. Bunkum. Its real
enemy is, in fact, the unlikeliest: his sophistication levels are next to
nothing, ...

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A wire-tap and its ramifications on Karnataka
Life must have come a full-circle for Karnataka chief
minister Siddaramaiah on Friday when Bangalore police commissioner M N Reddi announced
that the phones of relatives close to Union railway minister D V Sadananda
Gowda were wire-tapped for five days. The...

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Jigarthanda: Where Madurai gangster meets Mario Puzo

“Tarantino, Godfather , Scarface … make a movie modelled on those lines; if possible, rip-off from them totally. Also, get loads of violence, blood…” a movie producer tells an aspiring director.

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Democracy’s nadir and the demise of Abe’s cherished phrase
From a former chief minister justifying that support
in our electoral process has to be purchased to a lawmaker getting away with
assaulting policemen, recent incidents in Karnataka hold up a looking glass on
what is horribly wrong in our democratic setup. ...
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