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Beyond the issues with accounts - which today meant I had to open an Incognito window just to be able to log in to Google+ - the reason I prefer Twitter to +Google+ is that Twitter is skimmable. I can spend five minutes browsing my feed every six hours or so and not really miss anything. And if I want to read something later sending it over to Pocket is two taps.

Google+ on the iPhone requires too much interaction. Sure, it's beautiful, but unless I'm going to be staring at it 24/7 I know I'm going to miss something because it's all pictures, and my brain is set up to see text faster than pictures.

In my mind, Google+ isn't a social network. It's a blogging platform with social features built on. And I don't have time for blogging anymore.

+Google+ would be useful for me if they would just fix their account management.

When +Google+ was first created I signed up with my default Google account - However, when they opened it up to Apps users they forced me to change the email address rather than migrating it over for me. So I decided to create a Google+ account with my main Google account only to find that there's no way to merge them. Months later, they released a way to merge accounts but all that does is lock my accounts for seven days and only moves the circles over, not the content.

This isn't the first time I've had trouble with Google's account management policies. I created a +YouTube account with my +Gmail address - and uploaded a few videos of my kids. Those videos are now trapped in that account and because my main address is already a Google account I can't "claim" them. They, along with their views and comments are stuck in that account now, never to be retrieved. I could always re-upload them, but I find that ridiculous as the data is already in Google's datacenters. And as of right now there is no way to merge accounts or transfer videos other than downloading them and re-uploading them.

So my choice is to abandon this Google+ profile in favor of my other one and lose everything I have here. Lame.

The second issue with Google's account management is how it handles being logged in to multiple accounts. Because +AddThis uses Google Apps I'm logged into that account by default on my default browser. This is great except that when I want to get to Google+ is to select it from a dropdown list every time I load the page. This is a small complaint, until you realize that using the +1 button on other sites. If I click that while logged in with multiple accounts I get a warning saying that Google Profiles doesn't work. I have no option to pick a different profile to use.

They could fix my just giving me a way to make my selected account "sticky" across multiple services. I don't want to use YouTube, Google+, or most of the Google properties with my work address. However, as usual it seems that they're not interested in helping Apps users to use their services well.

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LTE is pretty fast.

Since I can't get the #Olympics  on my own schedule like the rest of my content - since I'm a cordcutter - I find myself becoming less and less enthusiastic about them. That's what +NBC should be worried about. The opposite of love isn't hatred, it's apathy.

Checked out +Google Music. Found out I'd have to log out of my work email to get access to it. Gave up and went back to iTunes.

Good news: +Google+  did release a tool to merge accounts. Yay! Bad News: It only does circles and not any of your content. Boo! Looks like I'm stuck using this account for a little while longer...

Hey +Google+ - If I'm logged into one account that doesn't have Google+ and another that does, how about you be smart enough to know that when I +1 something I mean to do it with the account that has Google+?

Also: It's been nine months since you said you'd have a way to merge Google+ accounts.

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Found this really great old car in Lancaster. Not sure what it's called but it sure is pretty
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If you get a chance to go to a fish hatchery, do it! $1 for some fish food will entertain two kids for about an hour!
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Just tried to see how hard it would be to merge this Google+ account with the one registered with my real email address. Essentially I'd lose all my posts and media and would have to rebuild all my circles from scratch. Come on +Google ! This is ridiculous!
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