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Not Facebook!
Not Facebook!


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ThisIsMyJam: yet another fun way to share music, this one wants you to really think about special shares:

hmmm, g+ mobile web is very confused. it is displaying the user pic for my cousin (of the same name). haha!

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reshare! Screenshot tools are handy.

wishes the circle selector would no be part of the scrolling frame on new #googleplus

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have seen stuff like this, but this appears to be fairly well done.
This is not what it looks like. The blue squares have been painted on the walls, floor and window of this building! And they're not really squares: they only look square from this one very special point of view. If you don't believe me, go here:

This is an amazing piece of anamorphic art by Felice Varini, and you'll see more on that webpage. Thanks to +Halfdan Reschat for pointing it out!

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also, i LOVE #instagram but I hate the new corporate owners ( #facebook ). What the hell to do? Just exported my photos just in case.ik

first time i've logged into here since the re-skin. I think I like it.

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