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Beautiful pic...

Whale shark coming up to say hi in the Philippines
Photo by @jaypeeswing
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Beautiful day - UK 
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Job Search Question Of The Week: How Did I Do?

What’s the best way to learn if I’ve got a real shot at a job opening during an interview? Learn how to gain a clear understanding how you actually performed in an interview from the interviewer’s side of things:

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the quiet life
la vie tranquille
спокойная жизнь
शांत जीवन

ok... it's not really wildlife :-) 
+WILDLIFE in the City  > +Edith Kukla 

Photo réalisée avec un #olympus   pen mini 1 et un #Nocton   17,5mm f0.95.

Mon opinion sur cette objectif est assez mitigé... certes il ouvre à 0.95, mais sa taille et son poids en fait un objectif très pénible à transporter et dénature le "concept" #M43   (ou #microfourthirds  ).
En revanche sa distance minimum de mise au point est une chose très appréciable.
En gros, il très bon et très bien dès que l'on sait ce que l'on veut faire.

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flowers' bouquet for "Notre Dame"

Photo taken 2 days ago with Olympus OMD EM5 MKII
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Thank you very much 😀😀😀 i wish you nice day
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If you are over 50 and long-term unemployed - please check out this article.
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a moonlight night along the coast at Lorne Australia, i took a few photos around this pier and came home very sad thinking i had nothing, yet to my surprise this photo turned out to be one of my favourites i have ever taken #landscapephotography   #longexposure   
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the real colors of Paris

May be, if you are not Parisian, one day you will come.
what will you see ? 
may be lots ... places, monuments ... too much may be.
what you could do is : 
STOP ... and take a rest.
If you do that, you will fell the real soul of Paris.
if you feel Paris ... you could see more than Paris.
you could see, the past, the present and the future of your mind
your quiet mind

#photography   #arnauddenielou   #streetphotography   #paris  
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