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Backyard Birds
A few Sundays, the weather was nice for an outing (unlike today's grey and rainy pattern) but I didn't have enough time.  So I wandered the backyard and the gardens in the church.  Although there wasn't a lot of activity, I still saw a few different visitor...

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Virginia Rail at Grass Lake
Back in the later days of April, I headed to Grass Lake, a favourite spot that almost always has something there for me to find and enjoy.  I wasn't there long when I heard the familiar, buzzy, two syllable calls of Virginia rails talking one to another. I ...

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Florida - Feb 2015
No, I didn't die, didn't move to where internet doesn't exist.... A combination of busy life, needing to pick priorities, and dealing with some big decisions meant I've hardly done any birding or blogging for a long time. Actually, checking my last post dat...

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Costa Rica Bird Book for sale
Things have been quiet on the blog here... my lens just came back from Sigma where it underwent a warranty covered tuneup. I haven't had a chance to use it yet. In the mean time, I have a great bird book I bought while on our Costa Rica trip this past winte...

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Rock Lake Lodge
With this post I will, for the first time in months (likely years), have no more photos on the hard drive waiting to be edited and posted.  I've not done any birding since August when our family joined Holly's side at the great family vacation spot up north...

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No, I did not migrate early and disappear, but I've no hardly bird watched, done any blogging, or much else for that matter in he last couple months. That isn't completely true, but my life has become quite busy and unfortunately a bit unsettled at work in ...

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My Father-in-law and Bob White
My father-in-law is a polite man. From time to time, I forget that not everyone else is interested in my latest bird find, and I'm pretty sure there have been occasions where I've bored him by pointing out a bird or two while our family joins them on their ...

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European Starlings
Back on Father's Day (Yes, way back then!) we went to Holly's parents to be with them for the day.  It was a beautiful day with typical early summer weather - seems we've pretty been receiving the same weather pattern ever since, save a few hotter days here...

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Grass Lake and West Shore of Hamilton Harbour
The very first day of June was a Sunday and I went to Grass Lake for a quiet afternoon. I started out walking on the south side of the 570 AM antenna field where five huge metal spires send the radio signal at the KW Cambridge area.  I met one of the techni...

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LaSalle Park and Tresspassing
About a moth ago now, I went for a lunch hour to LaSalle Park. Late fall, winter, and spring this place is great for water birds, but I often don't go here because it's a little further away for my short lunch hour (ok, I'll wait for all the comments from p...
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