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Kyle Reyes
"The secret to happiness is not found in seeking more, but in developing the capacity to enjoy less.."
"The secret to happiness is not found in seeking more, but in developing the capacity to enjoy less.."


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ISP download speeds!?

Recently was downloading a game and nearly hit my peak download speed.  Got me thinking, what do other folks download at?

Please share some information as well as your current ISP, kind of wondering how I fare in the mix of things! 

*Edit: More interested in Steam download speeds, not the speed tests websites.

#isp   #mediacom   #internetspeed   #steam   #downloadstats  

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The New Skrillex Album is surprisingly good! Really!

As a long time listener of electronic music, I hold it quite near & dear to my heart.  It's been a part of my life for going on 16 years, through thick & thin.  I've seen the changes, both good & bad (imo, of course).  When #skrillex  first came out I was blown away that it was none other #SonnyMoore  the S(cream)inger of  #fromfirsttolast .

It was quite a change for electronic music and has opened a lot of doors, but with his new album, I am more than pleased. :-)  The album trudges through some genres that a lot of newer listeners of electronic music probably haven't experienced, but all should.  There is, of course, those signature Skrillex hits.  Better known as the "wubs", they have their moments and I feel are done well on this album.  

Rather than drone on, I will simply say, have a listen when you can.   #fusetv  has done a better job of laying the album out than I could, have a read!

#edm   #music   #recess   #newmusic   #electronic   #review

Big ups! +Skrillex 
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Steam Controller Demo!!

Well, I had my questions about this and had thought it might be something like it is.  I have to say I am excited for the SteamOS & Steam Controllers, looks simple to use and highly configurable.  

Guys, this could change the way the LAN party is done! :-D

#steam   #steamos   #steamcontroller  

h/t +Chad Lewis 
This cleared up some of the questions I had about the controller.
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Guilt - Nero

Sometimes I don't know where we're going
Sometimes I feel you should be crawling back to me
Time is ticking by without us knowing
Before you know it, it will be too late to see

You keep on talking but it makes no sense at all
You try to fake it but you’re breaking every rule
Right from the start you've always made me feel a fool
The guilt you hide will come between us after all

You keep on talking but it makes no sense at all
Sense at all

#lyrics   #edm   #nero   #guilt   #saturday  
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I won candy on the #googlebirthday doodle! Score: 162

Woot! :-)
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My local Minor Leage Ballpark is in the lead right now!  Go take a second to vote, you don't have to sign up or anything!!

It really is a great ballpark, located right on the Mississippi so the view alone is enough reason to go!

#baseball   #minorleague   #minorleaguebaseball   #ballpark  
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Hot stuff right here!

Hey +John Boehle, +Burton Wilcox, +Benjamin Bowles  I think we may need to purchase this for future canoe trips!!  It's actually decently priced compared to other charging solutions that I've researched.  Not to mention compact and light!

#flamestower   #camping   #camp   #fire

Gadget charges your phone with fire and water.

A product called the FlameStower converts heat from any kind of flame into electricity for charging any rechargeable USB device, including a smartphone, by first heating water.

A different picture of the FlameStower was today's Mystery Pic. Props to +Jim Lian for being first with the right answer!
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Circle Sphere!

I made someone's top 50, woohoo!!  I am assuming it's all the talk of electronic music & parkour that +Paul Spoerry and I have, haha!

So if you're not already following +Paul Spoerry, get on it people!!

#CircleSphere   #CircleScope  
Top 50 Most Relevant #CircleSphere  as output by CircleScope

It'd been a while since I'd used #CircleScope  but it's making it's rounds so I figured I'd share mine too! 

I'm not sure how it's calculating relevance under the hood but this does look like a good mix of my online virtualspace peeps and my meatspace peeps. One thing jumped out as funny on first glance: +Julia Street is smaller than +Carter Gibson. lol. Then again Julia and I can just holler across the living room so G+ is a little less involved in our conversations. hehehe. Also.. somehow I made my own list (my profile pic is at the very bottom center)?!?!

Feel free to tag your pic if you want

Instructions if you wanna make one
1. Go to and install the premium edition. Visualization function is free for everyone :-)
2. Open circloscope by clicking on it's icon in chrome toolbar
3. Choose the account/page you want to use circloscope on
4. Wait until loading your circles is done
5. Hit "shift+s" to select all people in your circles
6. In the left column, under "actions", find "visualize selected" and then choose "most relevant"
7. Your most relevant 50 is ready. Take a screenshot and share it if you like what you see and want others to know who your most relevant fellas are in Google+
8. Be my guest: You can copy-paste these instruction in your shared post (I did!) :-) 

You Are Relevant! Who Are You?
If we haven't met, say hey! Let's be relevant to each other!

Shout outs to the awesome folks on my list!
+Julia Street 
+Carter Gibson 
+Dave Ventimiglia 
+Sarah Rios 
+Alexander Parker 
+Mike Elgan 
+Jordan Hawker 
+Dean Denton 
+Richard Hawkins 
+Brian Tomlinson 
+Bliss Morgan 
+Alex Hernandez 
+Social Circles 
+Euro Maestro 
+The LittleBigFund (I <3 working on u)
+martin shervington 
+Think Tank 
+Max Huijgen 
+Jennifer Klein 
+Adam Michael 
+Denis Labelle 
+Dustin W. Stout 
+Creative Googlers =) 
+Rob Kennedy 
+Ryan Crowe 
+George Rodenbaugh 
+Simon Cousins 
+Liz Quilty 
+Tony Kochhar 
+Dave Livingston 
+pio dal cin 
+Alida Brandenburg 
+Jonathan Langdale 
+Robert Scoble 
+Terrence Lui 
+Raven Lockwood 
Lex Spoerry 
+Kyla Myers 
+Tim Moore 
+Lauren Egan 
+Peter G McDermott 
+Jaana Nyström 
+Kyle Reyes 
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Epic Fail!

What more needs to be said?!

Also, this reminds me of talking to +Paul Spoerry about Parkour one time.  You've probably successfully hopped a police car, no?!

Just remember lids, the ram bar makes a far better jumping point! :-)

#fail   #epicfail   #parkour   #police
This is what happens when you run from the cops and try to add some parkour into it. SMASH!
Animated Photo
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New Internet Speed

Well, after finding that I was paying the same price before as to what the next speed up was, I figured I'd upgrade!

And behold, the new results!  I have to say, it's pretty impressive.  Can't wait for some gaming so, no more lag, when we're all playing!

#speedtest   #isp   #internetspeed   #download   #fast ish
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