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The oldest organized religion is Hinduism, which dates back to 1,500 BCE, when the Vedas, the sacred texts of Hinduism, was written. Hinduism as a religion has no known individual creator, as it was put together from a variety of traditional beliefs from different cultures and mythologies.
(Islam was born in 610 CE and Christianity started around 30 CE. )
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What about Judaism??& I believe that Christianity started hundreds of years before Islam which is why Muslims steal bits from earlier religions to try & justify their mumbo jumbo...
Didn't Hinduism absorb many aspects of Buddhism??..
hahahaha. sorrry for that. U need a history book.
Buddhism comes after many many years of Hinduism in India. Gautam Buddh was a Hindu.
In Our Hindu religion, we assume Buddhism as a branch of Hinduism.
One does not have to come before the other to be absorbed & assimilated..
How can U say that??? How does 'vedas' adopt the knowledge of Buddhism, when it has been written centuries ago that.
Eastern culture predates western by thousands of years yet eastern culture has absorbed many aspects of the west so a linier time line has nothing to do with cultural & social interchange that's how i can say that...
My friend, cultural adaptation & social interchange are different from absorption of religious aspects. These happens by interaction of different culture.
But, The core & fundamental value, wisdom, Ideas written on ancient religious books cant be copied n paste from a source which was not exist at that time. Religious literature like Vedas in Hinduism has been written before any religion comes.
All religions must be based on earlier beliefs & religions this I agree on, this is linier but belief is not set in stone. All things change given enough time & in 10000yrs no one will remember the original doctrine & beliefs of today's religions just as you cannot tell me how any religion started...
Culture adaptation & social interchange are the very basis of religious & moral change throughout human history.
Your word dont make sense +Matthew Wynn . U just stick with ur philosophy. I cant understand how Indian culture absorbed something from western. Because Indian is the ancient civilization & when In India, we built palaces, forts & Empires; Europeans lives in cages n in woods. 1st European who stand on Indian ground was Vasco da Gama in May,1498 AD. For ur more informaion go to this:
There was contact between ancient greece & India well before 1498.. The British empire gave India loads of cultural & technological input. I think that you are biased & misinformed. Perhaps you should do a bit more reading on Alexander of masedon.. No contact until 1498?? Are you deluded??
Also Wikipedia is not a valid source of historical & accurate information, my advice is don't quote from it..
Alexander came to conquer from the way of Pakistan (modern) and went away from the way of Indus to Persian gulf. His total time spent in India is around 3 yrs.
British empire looted our wealth & made India a poor country.
U thickhead Why dont U understand Indian civilizaion is the most ancient of world.
I quoted from Wikipedia to inform U something. I have my Books & valid sources.
Railways, electricity, communications, medicine, an endless list of things my culture gave to India. Oh if you can't win a debate don't laps into verbal abuse & insults, it just shows that your not very intelligent or enlightened. Your a good advertisement for your family & people arnt you!!.. Enjoy the rest of your day as it is beneath me to talk with one such as you... you my friend are deluded & intellectually challenged....
Ur culture only looted & ruled the world and filled his own pocket.
Wealth & development of Britain came after sucking our blood.
I am fool to talk with U.
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