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Added Portfolio page (to be continued…)

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FitPlot 6.7 (almost 7!…) is going ready (currently under testing).
• New color management panel to control the color space flow between your images and the output.
• New CLUT filter (color lookup table) in the image adjust panel, to give a touch of fantasy to your RGB images.
•New icons in the tool bar, fully refurbished for the HD screens [Icon made or inspired by Freepik from ].
You can see here below some screenshots:
FitPlot 6.7 (quasi 7!…) è pressoché pronto (attualmente in fase di test).
• Nuovo pannello Gestione Colore per controllare il flusso degli spazi colore tra le immagini e la stampa.
• Nuovo filtro CLUT (color lookup table) nel pannello controllo immagine, per dare un tocco in più alle tue foto RGB.
• Nuove icone nella barra strumenti, interamente ricostituite per essere compatibili con gli schermi HD [Icone fatte o ispirate da Freepik su ].
Puoi vedere di seguito alcuni screenshots:

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My app "Plumb-Bob Perspective Rectifier for Mac OS X" has been updated to version 2.2.
See what's new here below

I have got my first review of Plumb-Bob on the US Mac App Store

FitPlot 5.7.0 submitted to the Mac App Store

This update is needed to grant full compatibility with Mac OSX 10.11 (El Capitan).

Potential bugs were discovered and, hopefully, they have been fixed.
Moreover you'll find small interface changes (all utility panels have abandoned the HUD look, that was more elegant, but, under some circumstances, less clear).

Most relevant fixed bugs:
• Possible crash during pdf duplication (only on Mac OSX 10.11) - Fixed
• Histogram in the ICD panel was unreliable (only on Mac OSX 10.11) - Fixed
• Magnetic guides: where not saved with the document - Fixed
• Magnetic guides: the cursor (when over a guide) was showing only if an image was selected - Fixed

Magnetic guides management improved:
• It is now possible to create a grid of magnetic guides opportunely spaced. The grid can be useful in many jobs.
• New menu items lock / unlock guides avoid / consent the moving of the guides while clicking on images.
Locked guides are easily recognisable by the dash style.

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Plumb-Bob Perspective Rectifier for Mac OSX site completely renewed to accomplish web responsiveness also on mobile phones and tablets. Added a new example of use and a form to contact

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FitPlot 5.6 just released, see what's new: 

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Website completely renewed to accomplish web responsiveness.
The new site is well readable on mobiles, tablets and desktops, the address is the same: 

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MacWorld has posted an article about Plumb-Bob:

Plumb-Bob 2.0
Paolo Marcuccetti’s $5 Plumb-Bob (Mac App Store Link) is one of those little programs that straddles the line between software and sorcery.

The app works by allowing you to outline the corners of any planar surface on a picture—no matter how deformed by perspective or lens artifacts—and it then returns a neatly straightened view that removes all the distortion with just a few clicks.
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