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Yan Lin
I love gadgets and traveling
I love gadgets and traveling

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I would like to run Disa without showing the splash screen (like the first time you click the app). I couldn't found Disa's services in the manifest. Can you show me how to run Disa in background?
Here's the thing... I use tasker to hibernate some apps to conserve battery. Using button mapper to run tasker task.
Thank you 

Hello, I'm sorry if my question was asked before...
How does secret code in secure settings' work? I run the dialer code ##222## in my dialer... It won't trigger any task that correspond to the code. Should I miss some steps to trigger that code? Appreciate any help. Thanks. 

Hi Joao...

I'm trying to get your uploading files to Drive. But I encountered this error while running the find Drive Folder Id task. What's causing this? Thank you.

08.47.13/ActionArgBundle key: JoinOutputArray: replace <null> String value with null
08.47.13/Variables doreplresult: |{"name":"%foldername","mimetyperesultfieldfilterjoaomgcdautotools":"","nameresultfieldfilterjoaomgcdautotools":"","aidresultfieldfilterjoaomgcdautotools":"","files_kindresultfieldfilterjoaomgcdautotools":"","parentid":"%parent"}| -> |{"name":"Join Files","mimetyperesultfieldfilterjoaomgcdautotools":"","nameresultfieldfilterjoaomgcdautotools":"","aidresultfieldfilterjoaomgcdautotools":"","files_kindresultfieldfilterjoaomgcdautotools":"","parentid":"root"}|
08.47.13/ActionArgBundle AutoWeb Web Service: parameters: {"name":"%foldername","mimetyperesultfieldfilterjoaomgcdautotools":"","nameresultfieldfilterjoaomgcdautotools":"","aidresultfieldfilterjoaomgcdautotools":"","files_kindresultfieldfilterjoaomgcdautotools":"","parentid":"%parent"} -> {"name":"Join Files","mimetyperesultfieldfilterjoaomgcdautotools":"","nameresultfieldfilterjoaomgcdautotools":"","aidresultfieldfilterjoaomgcdautotools":"","files_kindresultfieldfilterjoaomgcdautotools":"","parentid":"root"}
08.47.13/E FIRE PLUGIN: AutoWeb Web Service / com.twofortyfouram.locale.intent.action.FIRE_SETTING: 14 bundle keys
08.47.13/E AutoWeb Web Service: plugin comp: com.joaomgcd.autoweb/com.joaomgcd.autoweb.broadcastreceiver.BroadcastReceiverFire
08.47.13/E add wait type Plugin2 time 120
08.47.13/E add wait type Plugin2 done

Hello... Can I have some advice on how to auto refresh my app drawer? I use a lot of freezing and defrost apps to save battery. I noticed that the app icons won't show in the drawer before I clicked on refresh.

I've just updated autovoice today. After update I can't run the app. Does anyone have the same experience as mine? 

I think... Location reminder is a great plus if you can put it on task to do. And also, a quick add function on the notification bar will be perfect.
Luv the theme... 

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I'm wondering about making a task that emulate that close all button on the down right one. I know i could use input tap like that. May be there is an easier approach to accomplish this? Thank you...

I've just updated tasker into 43u2m. And now my notify sound won't work. Is it only me or tasker new bug?

Does anyone can make sony sbh52 works with autovoice?
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