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Maler, Photograph, Videokünstler
Maler, Photograph, Videokünstler


Ärge mit deutschen Finazämtern! Hier der Text:

Steuern bezahlen ohne Geld einzunehmen!

Dies ist eine reale Geschichte auch wenn einiges doch sehr surreal scheint.
Ich beteiligte mich vor Jahren und noch in Deutschland an einem geschlossenen Immobilienfonds. Ich wollte einfach Steuern sparen und der Steuerberater hatte uns das empfohlen.
Am Anfang ging auch alles gut. Ich bekam sogar 2 mal 1000 DM Ausschüttung. Doch dann kam alles anders.
Der Initiator hatte das gesamte Vermögen des Fonds durchgebracht. Das Geld floss nie zurück und der Betrüger blieb straflos.
Als im Fonds eine Kapitalerhöhung durchgesetzt werden sollte, d.h. die Anleger sollten nochmals einzahlen erlaubte man mir und sicher noch einigen Anderen ebenso geprellten zu kündigen was in einem geschlossenen Immobilienfonds eigentlich nicht geht. Aber es gab ein sogenanntes "Sonderkündigungsrecht" und unter Rückzahlung der Ausschüttungen durfte ich raus und bekam ca. 26 € als Restwert von früher einmal 100.000 DM!
Dies alles geschah im Jahre 2005.
Für das Jahr 2010 stellte nun ein spezielles Finanzamt in Berlin fest, ich habe 26.000 € aus dem Verkauf zu versteuern! Selbst für den Fall ich hätte davon gewusst, ich hätte nichts tun können. Das hätte die Fondsgesellschaft tun müssen.
Also, im Jahre des Herrn 2015 musste ich 9.000 € bezahlen ohne je einen entsprechenden Gewinn gehabt zu haben.
Der Versuch über den Gnadenweg (Petionsausschuesse von Bundestag und hessischem Landtag) endete mit einem freundlichen Brief des hessischen Finanzministers. Grundtenor war, ich sei ja kein armer Mann und die von mir bindend zugesagte Verwendung des Geldes für Linderung der Not des ärmeren Teils meiner griechischen Landsleute könne nicht unterstützt werden!
Es wurde jedoch nie widersprochen dass die Steuerforderung unberechtigt war.

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I made a translation of Karin's Text and I send it to our friend in Florida who was born in Vienna ...

Itinerary for "Wiener Blut" and "A Night in Venice"

Although there are 2 nights in Venice but that's poetic license.

On March 17, we were with the Vienna relationship in Fuhrgassl-Huber Winery and then have the very sick Robert (my mother's cousin) promised that we will be exactly in 6 months on September 17 in Vienna again. He has the Chemo well and he's blind though so far, so good so it is a must to take the trip and to be at a wine tavern at 17 again. Maybe I can the man from Bratislava with the accordion again encouraging for us to play ... we will then return the glasses with green Veltliner on our health, in our age is to be expected with any lightning yes, raise and spend a happy evening.

After my fall well 4 weeks and Frieder's meniscus treatment before it can be expected that everything goes as desired. I have planned, Emanuel drives our ancient tricked and fresh proved Toyota as the long-haul driver from service Dimitra determines the pee breaks and Frieder pay so we have spotted it. Driving is indeed neither with me nor with Frieder inside and in an emergency we share the crutches that I still rumhumple currently.

So we go on:

Saturday, September 12 about 9 clock after Kissamo, there ouzo and meze departure by ferry to Kalamata 14.30 on Antikythera and Kythera, 23.50Uhr arrival. Staying on board is essentially in the bar or on the smoking deck. Night in Hotel Comfy Boutique.

Sunday September 13 trip from Kalamata to Olympia on Andretsena ιν Arcadia, possibly Vassae temple which is however scaffold again. In Olympia mainly Museum and overnight at Hotel Neda. Total 216 km 2 hours 57min !!!! If that's true across the mountains ???

Monday, September 14 leisurely drive to Patras, possibly fish but eat better this time no oysters! Departure ferry to Ancona 17.30h, unfortunately only 1st class luxury no longer existed. But we will make a nice dinner in the restaurant NOT Self Service. The diarrhea and vomiting in Trieste is me still horrific memories.

Tuesday, September 15 Arrival in Ancona 16.30Uhr. Since it is then just to Vienna. Have decided to go as far as we arrive and then possibly to find Udine and surrounding property. If the ship is delayed anyway everything anders.Vielleicht Villach or Klagenfurt?

Wednesday, September 16 drive to Vienna from wherever there arrival in the evening at the Palais Hotel Pertschy what we know and where you can even smoke on the Pawlatschen. Dinner at the core Beisel behind Peter's Church with Wiener Schnitzel and Goulash of the Opa.

Thursday, September 17 in the morning for various purchases in the treasury, coffee in Café Hofburg and already we are in stress because we are supposed to be yes at 17.30 clock at the Heurigen in Neustift am Walde as promised at the ditch with the cab. Great reunion with all, which will feel good call even if you can make fried chicken. Otherwise there is just smoked meat. Enough green Veltliner they will probably have. Frieder will go with stick by Vienna and will there acquire a baton ... ha!

Friday, September 18 am Graben coffee and rest from Heurigen but do not miss the exhibition Salvadore Dali and Ernst Fuchs at the Lower Belvedere to 18 clock. But first to the hotel and get dressed because the performance at the State Opera House by 19 clock starts. Central box and 1st row to the ballet Don Quixote with the choreography of the unfortunately deceased Nurejev. Then sit fore a drink at the Hotel Sacher.

Saturday, September 19 to hire 10-12 clock morning practice of the Lipizzaners in the Spanish Riding School. Then Margarita, which is with her 92 years to immobile to ride on are but somehow wants to attend a lunch. The Winery has even paid. When she was the last time in Vienna she has the relationship been infected so that they could not eat anything. We are therefore in the Wollzeile the best board seat Wiens consume at Plachutta and possibly pack plenty Tafelspitz. The afternoon Klimt exhibition to 18 clock and packing suitcase ...

Sunday, September 20 Vienna departure towards Venice 609 km 5hrs 57 min. Hotel in Venice relate, perhaps us drives a gondolier who can sing from Autsilo in the Palazzo near San Marco. Let's see if this is to be organized. Hotel Antico Panada is really an old Palazzo!

Monday, September 21 with the gondolier to Santa Maria Maggiore Tizian and Tintoretto and so on! Frieder is on a trip with the Vapotretto to Torcello because of the Byzantine church of Grado and the Patriarchate, the Doge's Palace and cappuccino for a bunch of money on San Marco. Strolling through the Murano shops! Teatro le Fenice I still have to check whether what will be. Seufzerbrücke, Rialto Oh God Why is the time so short? At the Biennale, we are likely to abstain because the last time it was only disappoint and ripoff.

Tuesday, September 22 Venice motorway towards Ancona 376 km 2 hours 36 min. So very cozy. Before Ancona Overnight at Hotel Europa with no frills!

Wednesday, September 23 Departure 13.30Uhr by ferry from Ancona to Patras LUX. As we are well taken care of if it does not has a fantastic mind-boggling.

Thursday, September 24 Arrival Patras 14.30 clock continue to hire on the old road because of the pesky construction sites on the highway! Afterwards Piraeus! The departure is 21 o'clock direction Heraklion. LUX!

Friday, September 25 Heraklion at breakfast in the morning we get nothing on the ship and then only home to Kapariana in the nest!

This is until now the translation of Karin's text. I am really a musician playing a real British tin whistle!!!!! Thanks for the pictures of Kurt!!!!
Greetings from Crete
F from KuF

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Das schickte mir gestern unsere Freundin aus Tübingen!

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Grossartig! Ich liebe Saxophon!

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So langsam merken es auch die Dummen!!
What’s up between Schäuble and Merkel?” Europe fears German nationalism...

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Fuer alle die es wissen wollen, Griechenland ist das reichste Land der Welt. Was ist Geld anders als ein Verspechen dass man was zu essen bekommt kai patates yparchoun!

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Natuerlich richtig! Rechts links ja und?

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