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I love playing around with Node require, see a couple of previous blog posts and existing projects: Hooking into Node loader for fun and profit Hacking Node require and really-need Faster Node app re
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When we shipped the new GitHub Issues, we made it easy to scope lists of Issues and Pull Requests with filters like author, date, mentions, and team mentions. With the new status: filter you can now filter the Pull Requests in your repositories by combined status. If you're taking advantage of the Status API, or using an integration that does, try out the new filters: status:success Only pull requests with all successful statuses status:fail...
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Android's Testing Support library includes the UI Automator framework, which can be used to perform automated black-box testing on Android apps. Introduced in API Level 18, the framework allows developers to simulate user actions on the widgets that constitute an app's user interface. In this tutorial, you will learn how to test the user interface of any app installed on an Android device using the UI Automator testing framework. | Difficulty: Be...
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In machine learning, a numerical optimization algorithm is often used to find a set of values for variables—usually called weights—that minimize some measure of error. For example, logistic regression classification uses a math equation where, if there are n predictor variables, there are n+1 ...
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Rolling Rocks Downhill A few years back I’ve read The Goal. It was quite late in my agile life, so it wasn’t that eye opener everybody was talking about. It
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GitHub for Windows now makes it even easier to see everything local to your machine, whether it's uncommitted changes or commits you haven't synced yet. One of the things you'll notice when creating commits is the new, compact list of changed files in your working directory. GitHub for Windows shows the number of files that a commit changed and lets you drill down to see what changed in a given file. The updated branch selector now group...
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Following these five tips should put you on the right…
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* What does it mean to be a leader? It’s relatively easier to answer that question when you’re a founder & CEO and have total control over hiring & firing. If your company is successful and valuable people generally do what you ask. It can sometimes create confusion about whether or not you’re truly a great …
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This is part 6 of a series of post about the new Insights feature in Typemock Isolator 8.1 To start insights – either debug your test or turn on the Insights (Typemock->Windows->Typemock Insight and click the on/off button) Typemock will call the static constructor of fake objects once a real object is called, this emulates …
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