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Prelude to a Profession
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Drawing from experience from both the development and managerial side, here are some common mistakes dev managers made and advice on how to handle them.
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J.D. Meier's Blog. Software Engineering, Project Management, and Effectiveness. Patterns and Practices at Microsoft.
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Almost every organization I talk to is in some stage of rolling out agile development processes.
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Have them in circles
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At the Agile Tour Bangkok G John Okoro gave a tour of the various approaches to scaling agile that are in the marketplace today. He examined SAFe, LeSS & LeSS Huge, Scrum, the Spotify "model", Nexus and Scrum of Scrums, identifying the context they are designed for and some pros and cons of each approach.
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Ben Williams and Tom Roden are exploring how you can use agile and lean principles in portfolio management to increase business agility. InfoQ interviewed them about getting project managers involved in agile journeys, using product reviews to decide what to develop, working with hypotheses in portfolio management, measuring actual impact of software products and managing product portfolios.
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Modern Software Development
This page is about development:
  • .NET
  • Red, green, refactor
  • Continuous integration (CI)
  • JavaScript
  • Dependency injection (DI)
  • Test automation
  • Design patterns
  • Clean code
  • Agile
  • Methodology
  • Test-driven development (TDD)
  • Behavior-driven Development (BDD)
  • Domain-driven design (DDD)
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