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Imagine you need to unit test code that asks user a question. How would you do this in Nodejs? Asking a user a question and reading an answer is pretty simple: 12345console.log('are you happy?');proce
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Ramjet makes it looks as though one DOM element is capable of transforming into another, no matter where the two elements sit in the DOM tree.
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FOAM is a deeply MVC Javascript framework
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About six months ago I decided to bet on Ember.js. Despite the fact that according to some, Angular had “won” and React …
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The beauty of attending conferences is not just about hearing the latest and greatest (which you can read on the internet anyway), but it's the time away from the daily job that allows you to really immerse yourself in new in...
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Earlier this year, we started using react in our various apps at PayPal. For existing apps the plans were to bring react in incrementally for new features and start migrating portions of the existing functionality into a pure react solve. Regardless, most implementations were purely client side ...
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Create custom SoundCloud players with React
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Back in January, a few Red Badgers were lucky enough to be sent to React.js Conf at Facebook HQ. We're huge fans of React and have been using it to great effect on every project since we discovered it in early 2014. There were many excellent talks at the conference, and it was staggering to see ...
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Your client side done in a jiphy. Python to JavaScript 2-way converter.
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A special philosophical aside on when it's appropriate to use Ember (spoilers: it's almost anytime you're making a web app). There's also a huge listing of all the things Ember and the surrounding ecosystem do for you- things you don't have to learn. This is a good one to send to friends who are ...
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