Why is the West ignoring me?

I tried to wake up politicians in Germany and Austria since 2004.
I received 2010 a government invitation from China.
My key note at the WEIS World Emerging Industries Summit

I received 2010 a government invitation from China.
My key note at the GELS Global Economic Leaders Summit

I tried my best to make my key notes at last known in Austria where i live. But there had been a wall of silence from the mass media.

There is this extreme cirsis in USA+EU. Should not everybody search for the reason? Discuss how it can happen? No! They want to ignore the reasons for theri downfall, so they ignore me.

People call me extreme radical when I tell them how to save EU+USA.
I answer "I am not radical, I am Chinese"
"China is, indeed, in so many ways, not like the west. It is not even primarily a nation state but a civilisation state. Whereas the west has primarily been shaped by its experience of nation, China has been moulded by its sense of civilisation. This helps to explain why the Chinese place such a huge emphasis on unity and stability, their reverence for the state and their embrace of ideas such as "one country, two systems" in Hong Kong. Similarly, unlike Europe, China never sought to acquire overseas colonies but established a tribute system in east Asia. The Chinese state bears a fundamentally different relationship to society compared with any western state. The state is seen as an intimate, as a member of the family, rather than, as in western discourse, a problem, a threat, or even the enemy. For the Chinese, the state is the embodiment of its civilisation: as such, it could not be more important, it lies at the heart of the Chinese pysche."
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