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Lead humanity to the solar age - Die Menschheit ins Solarzeitalter führen
Lead humanity to the solar age - Die Menschheit ins Solarzeitalter führen

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Ich begann Mai 2016 mit dem Umstieg auf Linux/Ubuntu, Acer ES1-331-C0YK. Im November 2016 folgte ein Acer ES1-331-P498 für meine Frau.

Nun sollen auch meine 2 Töchter ein neues Notebook bekommen, aber ich kann keines kaufen. Bei meinen Auswahlkriterien erschienen November 2016 noch Geräte von Acer, Asus, hp und Lenovo, jetzt ist kein Einziger mehr da.

Ich werde deswegen einen prominenten EU Abgeordneten bitten, mir beim Notebookkauf behilflich zu sein.

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Exactly! I unsubscribed from several pro Trump newsletters with "Where is the difference to Killary?"

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Trump in the past about his term.
Nobody trolls new Trump quite like old Trump does.

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Wrong accusations to start a war.
An US tradition.
American history forgeries and provocations

How to put an end to the bloody war that has claimed 120,000 lives and left homeless 1 200 000 Syrians? One person knows how to do: Bomb them all to edrene hair dryer

The "dastardly Spaniards blew up our ship. This is the reason for the war," wrote the newspaper New York World in 1898. Armored cruiser "Maine", near the coast of Cuba, which was then a Spanish colony, exploded, killing 266 people. In American society has raised a real storm. Country singing Patriotic song "Remember the "Maine". And in the end, US President William McKinley declared war on the Spanish Empire.

When in 1910 the cruiser "Maine" was raised to the surface, it turned out that in his case there are no holes from the mines. It means that the explosion resulted from internal causes. Tellingly, at the time of the explosion almost all the officers were on shore, killed mostly dark-skinned sailors, the ship itself was older, and wanted to scrap it. A few days before the explosion, the photographer Frederic Remington was sent to Cuba telegram newspaper magnate, owner of the New York Journal William Hearst: "Everything is quiet. No war is not expected. I'm going back". And immediately received the answer: "Stay. Provide pictures and the war, I guarantee". In General, the historians have no doubt that the explosion of the "Maine" was a provocation designed to drag America into the war with Spain, which under the protectorate of the United States crossed Cuba and the Philippine Islands.

So too, according to many experts, was the episode with the ocean liner "Lusitania", sunk in an attack by German torpedoes. The episode, which allowed the United States to enter the First world war. There is a version that the attack on pearl Harbor was provoked by US President Franklin Roosevelt. American intelligence had allegedly accurate information about the movement of the Japanese fleet to the Pacific base of the United States. And better ships, including the powerful American aircraft carriers were withdrawn to the open sea, at the base leaving only obsolete battleships built during the First world war. "Roosevelt provoked the attack on pearl Harbor, — said the American writer Gore Vidal. — Establishing an economic blockade and deliberately maintaining relations with Japanese rivals, it has extended to Tokyo the war party and actually forced the Japanese to attack the US military base".

You can also recall the history of the Vietnam war. The show, staged in the Gulf of Tonkin, looked absolutely unbelievable. North Vietnamese torpedo boats nor of the sudden attack of the American destroyer "Maddox" was in international waters. It happens in pitch darkness. Hanoi immediately accused of "treacherous attack", the Congress passed the so-called Gulf of Tonkin resolution, which empowered the President to wage an undeclared war against Vietnam. Later Lyndon Johnson said: "Obviously, we'll never know what happened in the Tonkin actually". But Tonkin incident was the reason for the terrible war, during which entire villages were burnt by Napalm and was killed 3 million Vietnamese.

There is little doubt now that the reason for the intervention of the US and NATO in the Balkan wars 90 years also served as a trumped-up charge. In 1992, the West intends to introduce sanctions against Serbia and Montenegro. Had to find a reason. And, by a strange coincidence, on may 30, the street Bob Miskina in Sarajevo, an explosion occurs, the cameras are there, all prepared, the victim is photographed, the blood flows like a river, and on the table had gathered for a meeting of the UN security Council lie the materials of the investigation, that is, on fresh. In the end, the participants of the meeting unanimously accepted West necessary decision.

And here, for example, was preceded by NATO operation "Deliberate force", which was directed against the Bosnian Serbs besieging Sarajevo. "In 1994 and 1995 occurred two completely identical in their scenario, the explosion at the Markale market, — has told "However," the head of the Center for the study of modern Balkan crisis of Institute of Slavic studies Elena Guskova. — After the first explosion, the Alliance began to bomb Serbian positions, and the world community was okay with it, no one protested. Then, in 95-m to year, has decided not even to change of scenery: the tragedy occurred on the same market, the Bosnian Serbs again declared responsible for the bombing, and NATO forces conducted a massive two-week bombardment of their positions." However, in the second case, the NATO members confused card Colonel of the Russian peacekeeping forces Andrew Demurenko, who spoke to Western journalists and convincingly proved that Serbs were not involved in the bombing.

The reason for the bombing of Serbia in 1999 was, as you know, a dramatization of the massacre in the Kosovo village Racak. The Western media resented the "heinous murder" of civilians, which was authorized by the "bloody regime of Milosevic". But over time it became obvious that it was a well planned provocation. "All scientists know (and it is written a lot of books), says Guskov, — that the Practice was not killed civilians. In the village were brought and placed on the road dressed in civilian clothes the bodies of Albanian fighters". To such conclusion, in particular, a group of Finnish pathologists, who examined the remains of the dead were in the Practice of the inhabitants. On their fingers, there were traces of gunpowder, bullet holes — detected in the bodies but not clothing. And, apparently, they died in battle, and was shot in the head at close range, as reported in the Western press.

Many experts believe that the September 11 attacks, which served as the pretext for the invasion of the United States in Afghanistan, was a grandiose provocation. The American administration had implemented it yourself, or allowed the terrorists of "al-Qaeda" tame the USA in 80-e years. Thus, the attack on the skyscrapers is a modern pearl Harbor. American intelligence officers and generals did not lead the attack on the Pacific base of the United States, but have done a lot to make it happen. The Bush team may be organized the attacks, but was fully aware of what they're getting, and even thought to prevent the tragedy. She allowed the neocons to carry out their ambitious project to restructure the Middle East.

Finally, the reason for war in Iraq were trumped-up charges about Saddam Hussein's weapons of mass destruction. Remember Secretary of state Colin Powell waving a vial of a poisonous substance at the UN meeting.

The history of American wars — a history of forgeries and provocations. And preparing for intervention in Syria is no exception. Simple two-way combination: it first declares that the chemical attack is a "red line" that the Assad regime is in any case should not be crossed. Then in Guta someone uses poison gas — more than a thousand dead. Within an hour all the world's media are trumpeting about the "monstrous crime Asada" (which knows that the West is looking for an excuse to invade, and it would be unlikely to expose themselves under attack). Journalists broadcast from the scene, forgetting, perhaps, that poison gas so quickly dissipate. In General, a hoax in Syria — this is another artificially created casus belli. And, as the Iraqi experience, diplomatic efforts are unlikely to make Americans roll warpath.

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WAR: Neocon Agenda We've Seen Before
The Alex Jones Channel
Apr 12, 2017

The current push for war has many similarities with those of the past, the question is, has Trump, or we the people, learned anything?

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It's over, I never thought he could be so stupid
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