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Yep, this pretty much sums up my mood this morning!

Trialing a household New Year's resolution: No more dumbing down* for one another. Resulting in a lot of J: "Eh?" Me: "Look it up." Haaaa.

*We're thick enough already ;)

Girls, if Jonny asks you to double bag it for him, no need to run off shrieking. He just likes a strong cuppa for elevenses. :)

Grandad: "Yes, Merry Christmas to you too, but my bottom half is undressed... Is Jon there?" Hee hee.

Watching 'Grand Designs'. Me: "Ooops he's not having any of her...[grumpy lady]" Jonny: "Yeah, because he's working his bollocks off and she's nagging at him. Can't accept 99%, I've got every sympa-" OH SHUT UP!

And the 'False Statement of the Year' goes to... Mr. JAG Routley who just said: "Hey, I'm easy come, easy go these days." Are you ffff-ing kidding me? I'm going thin looking after you!
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