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A sober and restrained review of the Undisclosed podcast
Millions of people around the world can agree that Serial is a good candidate for the best podcast that has ever been made. It's gripping but a breeze to listen to; complex yet simply told. The same cannot be said for its bastard step-child, Undisclosed. By...

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My first panic attack
My first brush with the panic monster was an unforgettable punch to the gut. I was eight or nine and my small village primary school had gone to a big inner-city secondary for some county sports day jaunt. My mum was even there with us, acting as a driver, ...

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Embarrassing behaviour witnessed on Instagram
So I told you guys already about my cringey encounter with a really hot guy on Snapchat. Well, he himself had an even more embarrassing moment on Instagram not long after, which made me feel vindicated. Even though he has nearly 1,000 followers I'd wager th...

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Embarrassing but true, lads.

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Awkward Snapchat encounter
My past week included a ridonkulously lolsome episode on Snapchat of all things, an app I find tiresome and have little time for. So there's a guy I've internet liked for quite a while now, he's super good-looking, intelligent and cool, different in so many...

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French Slebs: Swagg Man
Dear France: you're making this waaaay too easy. I first noticed the inhuman form of Swagg Man a while ago but had him filed away under Twats I Will Choose To Ignore, until today when he popped up during a YouTube binge. Swagg Man is without doubt the most ...

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I'm ugly and I know it
A few months ago I saw this lady who used to run the play group I went to. She was fairly pleasant to my face though I did think she was acting weird, being very over the top and insincere. I've since found out she was loudly remarking to anyone who would l...

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My most embarrassing school moments
 *This blog post contains very strong language and crude imagery* Today I had such a laugh reading about people's embarrassing school incidents on Reddit that it made me want to impart my own moments of shame. The only trouble is, the ones I've seen on Redd...
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